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Academic Article Re: The efficacy of dihydrotestosterone transdermal gel before primary hypospadias surgery: a prospective, controlled, randomized study.
Academic Article Management of urachal remnants in early childhood.
Academic Article Operative versus nonoperative management of ureteropelvic junction obstruction in children.
Academic Article Use of second look nephroscopy in children undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy.
Academic Article Long-term results of penile disassembly technique for correction of epispadias.
Academic Article Body mass index as a predictive value for complications associated with reconstructive surgery in patients with myelodysplasia.
Academic Article Our initial experience with the technique of complete primary repair for bladder exstrophy.
Academic Article Does the covering of children during induction of anesthesia have an effect on body temperature at the end of surgery?
Academic Article Developmental evaluation of aldo-keto reductase 1C3 expression in the cryptorchid testis.
Academic Article Total and partial urogenital mobilization: focus on urinary continence.
Academic Article Editorial comment.
Academic Article Timing of posterior urethral valve diagnosis and its impact on clinical outcome.
Academic Article The current management of the neurogenic bladder in children with spina bifida.
Academic Article Mental health and parenting characteristics of caregivers of children with spina bifida.
Academic Article Reliance of preoperative scrotal examination versus final operative findings in the evaluation of non-palpable testes.
Academic Article Multi-institutional Study Comparing the Height of Contrast During Performance of Voiding Cystourethrogram in Children.
Academic Article Establishing a Standard Protocol for the Voiding Cystourethrography.
Academic Article Voiding cystourethrogram--are our protocols the same?
Academic Article Comparison of endoscopic ureterocele decompression techniques. Preliminary experience--is the watering can puncture superior?
Academic Article Continent urinary diversions in the exstrophy complex: why do they fail?
Academic Article Female exstrophy: failure of initial reconstruction and its implications for continence.
Concept Child, Preschool
Academic Article A framework for transitioning patients from pediatric to adult health settings for patients with neurogenic bladder.
Academic Article Psychological Adjustment of Parents of Children Born with Atypical Genitalia 1 Year after Genitoplasty.
Academic Article "Watering Can" Ureterocele Puncture Technique Leads to Decreased Rates of De Novo Vesicoureteral Reflux and Subsequent Surgery With Durable Results.

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