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Academic Article Rcl is a novel ETV1/ER81 target gene upregulated in breast tumors.
Academic Article Sumoylation of p68 and p72 RNA helicases affects protein stability and transactivation potential.
Academic Article Pleiotropic effects of p300-mediated acetylation on p68 and p72 RNA helicase.
Academic Article Histone demethylase JMJD5 is essential for embryonic development.
Academic Article Oncogenic features of the JMJD2A histone demethylase in breast cancer.
Academic Article Exosome-mediated microRNA signaling from breast cancer cells is altered by the anti-angiogenesis agent docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of Smad2 is required for enhancement of TGFbeta/Smad signaling by TGFbeta inducible early gene.
Academic Article HER2/Neu- and TAK1-mediated up-regulation of the transforming growth factor beta inhibitor Smad7 via the ETS protein ER81.
Academic Article Upregulation of the Catalytic Telomerase Subunit by the Transcription Factor ER81 and Oncogenic HER2/Neu, Ras, or Raf.
Academic Article Concerted activation of ETS protein ER81 by p160 coactivators, the acetyltransferase p300 and the receptor tyrosine kinase HER2/Neu.
Concept Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article YAP1 inhibition radiosensitizes triple negative breast cancer cells by targeting the DNA damage response and cell survival pathways.
Grant Role of the DNPH1 Enzyme in Breast Cancer

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