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Academic Article Fifteen-year series of skin-sparing mastectomy for stage 0 to 2 breast cancer.
Academic Article The future prospect: ductoscopy-directed brushing and biopsy.
Academic Article A surgical indication in incurable breast cancer.
Academic Article Local recurrence after mastectomy in patients with T3pN0 breast carcinoma treated without postoperative radiation therapy.
Academic Article The intraductal approach to breast cancer.
Academic Article Hot flash therapies in breast cancer survivors.
Academic Article Who wants a blind breast surgeon?
Academic Article Ductoscopy--increasing clinical utility.
Academic Article The optimization of breast conservation.
Academic Article Breast ductoscopy and the evolution of the intra-ductal approach to breast cancer.
Academic Article Focused microwave thermotherapy for preoperative treatment of invasive breast cancer: a review of clinical studies.
Academic Article Surgical perspectives from a prospective, nonrandomized, multicenter study of breast conserving surgery and adjuvant electronic brachytherapy for the treatment of breast cancer.
Academic Article Blocking the adhesion cascade at the premetastatic niche for prevention of breast cancer metastasis.
Academic Article Exosome-mediated microRNA signaling from breast cancer cells is altered by the anti-angiogenesis agent docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
Academic Article Electronic brachytherapy as adjuvant therapy for early stage breast cancer: a retrospective analysis.
Academic Article Mechanisms of improved outcomes for breast cancer between surgical oncologists and general surgeons.
Academic Article Plasma exosome microRNAs are indicative of breast cancer.
Academic Article Ductal lavage for detection of cellular atypia in women at high risk for breast cancer.
Academic Article Ductal lavage and the clinical management of women at high risk for breast carcinoma: a commentary.
Academic Article Routine operative breast endoscopy for bloody nipple discharge.
Academic Article The future of breast cancer screening and treatment.
Academic Article Ductal lavage, nipple aspiration, and ductoscopy for breast cancer diagnosis.
Academic Article Routine operative breast endoscopy during lumpectomy.
Academic Article Breast cancer-have we been chasing the wrong target?
Academic Article Breast enhanced scintigraphy testing distinguishes between normal, inflammatory breast changes, and breast cancer: a prospective analysis and comparison with mammography.
Academic Article Focused microwave phased array thermotherapy for ablation of early-stage breast cancer: results of thermal dose escalation.
Academic Article Ductoscopy: defining its role in the management of breast cancer.
Academic Article Office-based breast ductoscopy for diagnosis.
Academic Article Ductal lavage: risk stratification versus cancer detection.
Academic Article Understanding the mechanisms creating false positive lumpectomy margins.
Academic Article Do the CMS proposed breast cancer quality measures actually predict improved outcomes?
Concept Breast
Concept Breast Diseases
Concept Breast Neoplasms
Concept Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast
Concept Breast Neoplasms, Male
Academic Article Redefining lumpectomy using a modification of the "sick lobe" hypothesis and ductal anatomy.
Academic Article Tamoxifen downregulates ets oncogene family members ETV4 and ETV5 in benign breast tissue: implications for durable risk reduction.
Academic Article An HLA-presented fragment of macrophage migration inhibitory factor is a therapeutic target for invasive breast cancer.
Academic Article Clinical series of oncoplastic mastopexy to optimize cosmesis of large-volume resections for breast conservation.
Academic Article Reducing surgical morbidity by pre-emptive management.
Academic Article Activity of combination chemotherapy, docetaxel and epirubicin as neoadjuvant therapy for women with breast cancer.
Academic Article Nonsurgical ablation of primary breast cancer.
Academic Article Minimally invasive operation for breast cancer.
Academic Article Success of sentinel lymph node mapping after breast cancer ablation with focused microwave phased array thermotherapy.
Academic Article Association of maspin expression with the high histological grade and lymphocyte-rich stroma in early-stage breast cancer.
Academic Article Contour abnormalities of the abdomen after breast reconstruction with abdominal flaps: the role of muscle preservation.
Academic Article Expression of pp32 gene family members in breast cancer.
Academic Article Detection of breast cancer cells in ductal lavage fluid by methylation-specific PCR.
Academic Article Endoscopic visualization of breast tumors.
Academic Article Ambulatory breast cancer surgery.
Academic Article Surgery in breast cancer.
Academic Article Significance of axillary lymph node extranodal soft tissue extension and indications for postmastectomy irradiation.
Academic Article Telomerase activity and prognosis in primary breast cancers.
Academic Article Surgery for breast cancer.
Academic Article Distress, symptom distress, and immune function in women with suspected breast cancer.
Academic Article Association between extent of axillary lymph node dissection and survival in patients with stage I breast cancer.
Academic Article Impact of axillary lymph node dissection on the therapy of breast cancer patients.
Academic Article Use of immediate postoperative mastectomy prostheses.
Academic Article Letter to the Editor: A response to Hruska's case study on molecular breast imaging and the need for true tissue quantification.

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