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Academic Article A rule-based computer scheme for centromere identification and polarity assignment of metaphase chromosomes.
Concept Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted
Academic Article A computer-aided method to expedite the evaluation of prognosis for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Academic Article Applying a new bilateral mammographic density segmentation method to improve accuracy of breast cancer risk prediction.
Academic Article A new near-term breast cancer risk prediction scheme based on the quantitative analysis of ipsilateral view mammograms.
Academic Article A new computer-aided detection approach based on analysis of local and global mammographic feature asymmetry.
Academic Article Optimization of breast mass classification using sequential forward floating selection (SFFS) and a support vector machine (SVM) model.
Academic Article Applying computer-assisted detection schemes to digitized mammograms after JPEG data compression: an assessment.
Academic Article A comparison of two data analyses from two observer performance studies using Jackknife ROC and JAFROC.
Academic Article Mammography with computer-aided detection: reproducibility assessment initial experience.
Academic Article Computer-aided detection performance in mammographic examination of masses: assessment.
Academic Article Computer-aided detection schemes: the effect of limiting the number of cued regions in each case.
Academic Article Improving breast cancer risk stratification using resonance-frequency electrical impedance spectroscopy through fusion of multiple classifiers.
Academic Article Computer-aided detection of early interstitial lung diseases using low-dose CT images.
Academic Article An interactive system for computer-aided diagnosis of breast masses.
Academic Article Physics and engineering aspects of cell and tissue imaging systems: microscopic devices and computer assisted diagnosis.
Academic Article Improving the efficacy of mammography screening: the potential and challenge of developing new computer-aided detection approaches.
Academic Article Fusion of Quantitative Image and Genomic Biomarkers to Improve Prognosis Assessment of Early Stage Lung Cancer Patients.

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