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Concept Pattern Recognition, Automated
Academic Article Computer-aided breast MR image feature analysis for prediction of tumor response to chemotherapy.
Academic Article Feature selection for the automated detection of metaphase chromosomes: performance comparison using a receiver operating characteristic method.
Academic Article Automated detection and analysis of fluorescent in situ hybridization spots depicted in digital microscopic images of Pap-smear specimens.
Academic Article Automated identification of analyzable metaphase chromosomes depicted on microscopic digital images.
Academic Article A computer-aided method to expedite the evaluation of prognosis for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Academic Article Applying a new quantitative global breast MRI feature analysis scheme to assess tumor response to chemotherapy.
Academic Article Automated identification of retinal vessels using a multiscale directional contrast quantification (MDCQ) strategy.
Academic Article A new and fast image feature selection method for developing an optimal mammographic mass detection scheme.
Academic Article A computerized global MR image feature analysis scheme to assist diagnosis of breast cancer: a preliminary assessment.
Academic Article Optimization of breast mass classification using sequential forward floating selection (SFFS) and a support vector machine (SVM) model.
Academic Article A method to test the reproducibility and to improve performance of computer-aided detection schemes for digitized mammograms.
Academic Article Automated detection of breast mass spiculation levels and evaluation of scheme performance.
Academic Article A method to improve visual similarity of breast masses for an interactive computer-aided diagnosis environment.
Academic Article Multiview-based computer-aided detection scheme for breast masses.
Academic Article Evaluating computer-aided detection algorithms.
Academic Article An automated CT based lung nodule detection scheme using geometric analysis of signed distance field.
Academic Article Improving performance of content-based image retrieval schemes in searching for similar breast mass regions: an assessment.
Academic Article Improving performance of computer-aided detection scheme by combining results from two machine learning classifiers.
Academic Article Assessment of performance improvement in content-based medical image retrieval schemes using fractal dimension.
Academic Article Matching breast masses depicted on different views a comparison of three methods.
Academic Article Pulmonary lobe segmentation in CT examinations using implicit surface fitting.
Academic Article Automated identification of abnormal metaphase chromosome cells for the detection of chronic myeloid leukemia using microscopic images.
Academic Article Computerized detection of breast tissue asymmetry depicted on bilateral mammograms: a preliminary study of breast risk stratification.
Academic Article Computer-aided detection; the effect of training databases on detection of subtle breast masses.
Academic Article Improving breast cancer risk stratification using resonance-frequency electrical impedance spectroscopy through fusion of multiple classifiers.
Academic Article Separation of left and right lungs using 3-dimensional information of sequential computed tomography images and a guided dynamic programming algorithm.
Academic Article Improving performance of computer-aided detection of masses by incorporating bilateral mammographic density asymmetry: an assessment.
Academic Article An interactive system for computer-aided diagnosis of breast masses.

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