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Academic Article Interaction between a 1998 human influenza virus N2 neuraminidase and monoclonal antibody Mem5.
Academic Article An epidemiologically significant epitope of a 1998 human influenza virus neuraminidase forms a highly hydrated interface in the NA-antibody complex.
Academic Article Rapid cloning of high-affinity human monoclonal antibodies against influenza virus.
Academic Article Three-dimensional structure of a complex of antibody with influenza virus neuraminidase.
Academic Article Crystal structures of neuraminidase-antibody complexes.
Academic Article Three-dimensional structures of influenza virus neuraminidase-antibody complexes.
Academic Article Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of type B influenza virus neuraminidase complexed with antibody Fab fragments.
Academic Article Electron and X-ray diffraction studies of influenza neuraminidase complexed with monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Critical interactions in binding antibody NC41 to influenza N9 neuraminidase: amino acid contacts on the antibody heavy chain.
Academic Article Contacts between influenza virus N9 neuraminidase and monoclonal antibody NC10.
Academic Article Antibody epitopes on the neuraminidase of a recent H3N2 influenza virus (A/Memphis/31/98).
Concept Genes, Immunoglobulin
Concept Immunoglobulin G
Concept Immunoglobulin Fragments
Concept Immunoglobulin Variable Region
Concept Immunoglobulin Fab Fragments
Concept Immunoglobulin Heavy Chains
Concept Somatic Hypermutation, Immunoglobulin

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