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P30 Center Core Grant for Vision Research

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ABSTRACT Overall The goals of this P30 Vision Core Renewal Application are to manage and maintain existing and new core facilities that will provide expertise, technical support, equipment access, and personnel training for 24 independent vision research laboratories at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. We have had two highly utilized and successful cores: Live Animal Imaging and Functional Analysis Core (AAC) (which has been merged with the previous Genotyping Core), and a Cellular Imaging and Morphometric Analysis Core (CIC). In this competing renewal, we have added a new Ocular Immunobiology Core (OIC) to provide new equipment, training, and expertise for our rapidly growing interests in the immunological underpinnings of ocular diseases. The AAC (two independent modules) is conveniently located inside of the two major vivaria that house most of the vision research animals on campus, while the CIC and OIC are located in the Department of Ophthalmology. Each core is directed by an NEI-funded investigator and supervised by highly qualified and well-trained Systems Managers, Analysts, and Specialists who assist and train vision researchers in the use of state-of-the-art resources. The availability of multiple types of advanced equipment, sophisticated software, and hands-on training has dramatically increased the quality and quantity of research achievements by the users of our Vision Core facilities. The P30 Vision Cores have: 1) increased opportunities for rigorous translational research using clinically relevant and non-invasive imaging modalities, 2) generated collaborative projects that require multiple areas of expertise, 3) increased and enhanced productivity of existing research projects, thereby allowing participating investigators to remain competitive for funding, 4) promoted recruitment of new faculty from other campuses, and 5) supported the development of new research strategies based on the acquisition of data from the use of equipment otherwise unavailable to the PIs. Moving forward, the three P30 Vision Cores will continue to provide a high level of expertise, instrumentation, and service, further elevating our contributions to the forefront of vision science research.
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