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Replicating state Quitline innovations to increase reach: findings from three states.Academic Article Why?
Significance and innovation: cornerstones of a successful grant application.Academic Article Why?
Realistic job previews in child welfare: state of innovation and practice.Academic Article Why?
Addressing Opioid Use Disorder in Older Adults through Primary Care Innovation (OUD-PCI)Grant Why?
Collaboration, Innovation, and Time: A Shared Journey Through Child Psychiatric Consultation in the School Setting.Academic Article Why?
Consumers as community support providers: issues created by role innovation.Academic Article Why?
Improving affordability through innovation in the surgical treatment of mitral valve disease.Academic Article Why?
Methodology for the American Society of Hematology VTE guidelines: current best practice, innovations, and experiences.Academic Article Why?
Reducing the distance in distance-caregiving by technology innovation.Academic Article Why?
Diffusion of InnovationConcept Why?
Organizational InnovationConcept Why?
Zhao, JunyingPerson Why?
Infusing research into practice to promote quality care.Academic Article Why?
Technology for long-term care.Academic Article Why?
A Strategy for Identifying and Disseminating Best Practice Innovations in the Care of Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions or End-of-Life Care Needs.Academic Article Why?
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