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Beyond technology acceptance to effective technology use: a parsimonious and actionable model.Academic Article Why?
Technology in medical education: how the OU College of Medicine has used technology to enhance the medical education experience.Academic Article Why?
Integration of Educational Technology.Academic Article Why?
Simulation technology for health care professional skills training and assessment.Academic Article Why?
The Use of Communication Technology to Affect Patient Outcomes in the Intensive Care Unit.Academic Article Why?
ASGE Technology Status Evaluation Report: disposable endoscopic accessories.Academic Article Why?
How Blockchain Technology Can Transform the Systematic Review/Meta-analysis Process?Academic Article Why?
Nanodrug delivery systems: a promising technology for detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.Academic Article Why?
Technology for long-term care.Academic Article Why?
Use and feasibility of telemedicine technology in the dissemination of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.Academic Article Why?
Mobile Health Technology for Personalized Tobacco Cessation Support in LaosGrant Why?
Technology-mediated just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAIs) to reduce harmful substance use: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
The Promise of Information and Communication Technology in Healthcare: Extracting Value From the Chaos.Academic Article Why?
[Report on the FEBS Course--recombinant DNA technology and protein expression].Academic Article Why?
Aesthetics and Technology Integration in a Community-Based Primary Care Nursing Curriculum.Academic Article Why?
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