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Concept Macrophages, Alveolar
Academic Article Adenomatous polyposis coli protein associates with C/EBP beta and increases Bacillus anthracis edema toxin-stimulated gene expression in macrophages.
Academic Article Glycogen synthase kinase 3 activation is important for anthrax edema toxin-induced dendritic cell maturation and anthrax toxin receptor 2 expression in macrophages.
Academic Article Differential inflammatory responses triggered by toxic small molecules.
Academic Article Serum amyloid A protects murine macrophages from lethal toxin-mediated death.
Academic Article Effects of endogenous D-alanine synthesis and autoinhibition of Bacillus anthracis germination on in vitro and in vivo infections.
Academic Article High-throughput, single-cell analysis of macrophage interactions with fluorescently labeled Bacillus anthracis spores.
Academic Article Unique, Intersecting, and Overlapping Roles of C/EBP ß and CREB in Cells of the Innate Immune System.
Academic Article Increased cAMP in monocytes augments Notch signaling mechanisms by elevating RBP-J and transducin-like enhancer of Split (TLE).
Academic Article Bacillus anthracis edema toxin activates nuclear glycogen synthase kinase 3beta.
Academic Article The mechanism of Bacillus anthracis intracellular germination requires multiple and highly diverse genetic loci.
Academic Article Sequential B-cell epitopes of Bacillus anthracis lethal factor bind lethal toxin-neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Resistance of human alveolar macrophages to Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin.
Academic Article CD1d-dependent B-cell help by NK-like T cells leads to enhanced and sustained production of Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin-neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Inflammatory cytokine response to Bacillus anthracis peptidoglycan requires phagocytosis and lysosomal trafficking.
Academic Article Select human anthrax protective antigen epitope-specific antibodies provide protection from lethal toxin challenge.
Academic Article Toxin-induced resistance in Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin-treated macrophages.
Academic Article Ltx1, a mouse locus that influences the susceptibility of macrophages to cytolysis caused by intoxication with Bacillus anthracis lethal factor, maps to chromosome 11.
Academic Article Bacillus anthracis oedema toxin as a cause of tissue necrosis and cell type-specific cytotoxicity.
Academic Article Cytotoxic activity of Bacillus anthracis protective antigen observed in a macrophage cell line overexpressing ANTXR1.
Academic Article Decreased glycogen synthase kinase 3-beta levels and related physiological changes in Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin-treated macrophages.
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