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Concept Arthritis, Reactive
Concept Arthritis
Concept Arthritis, Infectious
Concept Arthritis, Rheumatoid
Academic Article [HL-A DRw4 in rheumatoid polyarthritis. Results of personal research].
Academic Article [Cardiac manifestations of the Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter syndrome. Apropos of a case report following Yersinia enterocolitica infection].
Academic Article [Articular manifestations of dyslipidemia. Apropos of 2 personal cases].
Academic Article [Rheumatoid arthritis of the wrists with macrogeodes and bone necrosis].
Academic Article [Yersinia enterocolitica infection and the Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter syndrome].
Academic Article [Caplan's syndrome].
Academic Article [Clinical study of benorilate. Co-ordinated multi-centre test (author's transl)].
Academic Article [Spontaneous septic arthritides during rheumatoid arthritis].
Academic Article [Polyarthritis in leprosy (author's transl)].
Academic Article [Circulating immune complexes in rheumatoid arthritis. Results of a personal research (author's transl)].
Academic Article [Polyarthritis following Yersinia enterocolitica infection].
Academic Article [Spondylarthropathy of late onset? RS3PE? An overlap form?].
Academic Article [Polyarthritis disclosing primary biliary cirrhosis with normal hepatic tests. Value of antimitochondral antibodies M2].
Academic Article [Axial arthropathy in a case of Whipple's disease].
Academic Article [Morvan's fibrillary chorea after gold therapy].
Academic Article [Morvan's fibrillary chorea following chrysotherapy].
Academic Article [Determination of synovial fibronectin by laser nephelometry. Its diagnostic value in rheumatology].
Academic Article [Plasma and synovial beta-2-microglobulin. Results of a personal study].
Academic Article [Arthritis disclosing acute leukosis in adults. Apropos of 4 personal cases].
Academic Article [Etiologic aspects of Reiter syndrome. Role of yersinial infections (author's transl)].
Academic Article [Joint involvement in hyperlipoproteinemia (author's transl)].
Academic Article [Open clinical trial of a new oral galenic form of ketoprofen].
Academic Article [Plasma and synovial fibronectin. Results of personal research].
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