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Concept Molecular Targeted Therapy
Academic Article Cell-Specific Promoters Enable Lipid-Based Nanoparticles to Deliver Genes to Specific Cells of the Retina In Vivo.
Academic Article Stem cells loaded with nanoparticles as a drug carrier for in vivo breast cancer therapy.
Academic Article Targeted delivery of in situ PCR-amplified Sleeping Beauty transposon genes to cancer cells with lipid-based nanoparticle-like protocells.
Academic Article Virus-Based Cancer Therapeutics for Targeted Photodynamic Therapy.
Academic Article Selectively Suppressing Tumor Angiogenesis for Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy by Genetically Engineered Phage.
Academic Article Phage nanofibers in nanomedicine: Biopanning for early diagnosis, targeted therapy, and proteomics analysis.
Academic Article Architectonics of phage-liposome nanowebs as optimized photosensitizer vehicles for photodynamic cancer therapy.
Academic Article Bacteriophage bionanowire as a carrier for both cancer-targeting peptides and photosensitizers and its use in selective cancer cell killing by photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Nanoparticle-assisted targeted delivery of eye-specific genes to eyes significantly improves the vision of blind mice in vivo.
Academic Article Tuning photothermal properties of gold nanodendrites for in vivo cancer therapy within a wide near infrared range by simply controlling their degree of branching.
Academic Article Phage-Enabled Nanomedicine: From Probes to Therapeutics in Precision Medicine.
Grant Selective tumor inhibition by tumor-homing angiogenesis-suppressing nanofibers
Grant Tubulin-Binding Upconversion Nanoparticles for Breast-Cancer Imaging and Therapy
Grant Phage-inspired nanoparticles with genetically tunable target-specificity
Grant Phage-Mimetic Nanorods for Targeted Breast Cancer Treatment
Grant Bone-seeking and cell-targeting non-viral vectors for BMP-2 gene delivery
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