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Concept Anaerobiosis
Academic Article Anaerobic oxidation of n-dodecane by an addition reaction in a sulfate-reducing bacterial enrichment culture.
Academic Article Anaerobic oxidation of crude oil hydrocarbons by the resident microorganisms of a contaminated anoxic aquifer.
Academic Article Anaerobic biodegradation of natural gas condensate can be stimulated by the addition of gasoline.
Academic Article Impact of organosulfur content on diesel fuel stability and implications for carbon steel corrosion.
Academic Article Role of electron-donating cosubstrates in the anaerobic biotransformation of chlorophenoxyacetates to chlorophenols by a bacterial consortium enriched on phenoxyacetate.
Academic Article Anaerobic biodegradation of methyl esters by Acetobacterium woodii and Eubacterium limosum.
Academic Article Cresol metabolism by the sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfotomaculum sp. strain Groll.
Academic Article Sources of sulfate supporting anaerobic metabolism in a contaminated aquifer.
Academic Article Methanogenesis, sulfate reduction and crude oil biodegradation in hot Alaskan oilfields.
Academic Article The genome sequence of Desulfatibacillum alkenivorans AK-01: a blueprint for anaerobic alkane oxidation.
Academic Article Methanogenic toluene metabolism: community structure and intermediates.
Academic Article Community succession in an anaerobic long-chain paraffin-degrading consortium and impact on chemical and electrical microbially influenced iron corrosion.
Academic Article Anaerobic degradation of m-cresol in anoxic aquifer slurries: carboxylation reactions in a sulfate-reducing bacterial enrichment.
Academic Article Detection of anaerobic metabolites of saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum-contaminated aquifers.
Academic Article Polarizability and spin density correlate with the relative anaerobic biodegradability of alkylaromatic hydrocarbons.
Academic Article Field metabolomics and laboratory assessments of anaerobic intrinsic bioremediation of hydrocarbons at a petroleum-contaminated site.
Academic Article Assessing in situ rates of anaerobic hydrocarbon bioremediation.
Academic Article Biodegradation of cresol isomers in anoxic aquifers.
Academic Article Transformations of TNT and related aminotoluenes in groundwater aquifer slurries under different electron-accepting conditions.
Academic Article Biodegradation of an alicyclic hydrocarbon by a sulfate-reducing enrichment from a gas condensate-contaminated aquifer.
Academic Article Anaerobic phenanthrene mineralization by a carboxylating sulfate-reducing bacterial enrichment.
Academic Article Anaerobic biodegradation of alicyclic constituents of gasoline and natural gas condensate by bacteria from an anoxic aquifer.
Academic Article Subsurface cycling of nitrogen and anaerobic aromatic hydrocarbon biodegradation revealed by nucleic Acid and metabolic biomarkers.
Academic Article Biodegradation of low-molecular-weight alkanes under mesophilic, sulfate-reducing conditions: metabolic intermediates and community patterns.
Academic Article Anaerobic biodegradation of biofuels and their impact on the corrosion of a Cu-Ni alloy in marine environments.
Academic Article Extrapolation of biodegradation results to groundwater aquifers: reductive dehalogenation of aromatic compounds.
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