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Concept Ribonucleoproteins
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Concept Ribonucleoprotein, U1 Small Nuclear
Academic Article Brief Report: Patients With Primary Sjögren's Syndrome Who Are Positive for Autoantibodies to Tripartite Motif-Containing Protein 38 Show Greater Disease Severity.
Academic Article Immunization of mice with human 60-kd Ro peptides results in epitope spreading if the peptides are highly homologous between human and mouse.
Academic Article Side-chain specificities and molecular modelling of peptide determinants for two anti-Sm B/B' autoantibodies.
Academic Article Development of autoantibodies before the clinical onset of systemic lupus erythematosus.
Academic Article Early events in lupus humoral autoimmunity suggest initiation through molecular mimicry.
Academic Article Lupus-like autoantibody development in rabbits and mice after immunization with EBNA-1 fragments.
Academic Article Linear epitope mapping of an Sm B/B' polypeptide.
Academic Article Immunization with vesicular stomatitis virus nucleocapsid protein induces autoantibodies to the 60 kD Ro ribonucleoprotein particle.
Academic Article Human lupus anti-spliceosome A protein autoantibodies bind contiguous surface structures and segregate into two sequential epitope binding patterns.
Academic Article Immunization with short peptides from the sequence of the systemic lupus erythematosus-associated 60-kDa Ro autoantigen results in anti-Ro ribonucleoprotein autoimmunity.
Academic Article Shared early autoantibody recognition events in the development of anti-Sm B/B' in human lupus.
Academic Article Infectious mononucleosis patients temporarily recognize a unique, cross-reactive epitope of Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen-1.
Academic Article Peptide mimics of a major lupus epitope of SmB/B'.
Academic Article Anti-Ro and anti-nRNP response in unaffected family members of SLE patients.
Academic Article Modification of lupus-associated 60-kDa Ro protein with the lipid oxidation product 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal increases antigenicity and facilitates epitope spreading.
Academic Article Network analysis of associations between serum interferon-a activity, autoantibodies, and clinical features in systemic lupus erythematosus.
Academic Article Editorial for Lindop et al. "long-term Ro60 humoral autoimmunity in primary Sjögren's syndrome is maintained by rapid clonal turnover".
Academic Article Antigenicity of a recombinant Ro (SS-A) fusion protein.
Academic Article A common autoepitope near the carboxyl terminus of the 60-kD Ro ribonucleoprotein: sequence similarity with a viral protein.
Academic Article Lupus humoral autoimmunity induced in a primate model by short peptide immunization.
Academic Article A model of peptide-induced lupus autoimmune B cell epitope spreading is strain specific and is not H-2 restricted in mice.
Academic Article Lupus autoantibodies recognize the product of an alternative open reading frame of SmB/B'.
Academic Article Anti-U1A monoclonal antibodies recognize unique epitope targets of U1A which are involved in the binding of U1 RNA.
Academic Article Selective small antigenic structures are capable of inducing widespread autoimmunity which closely mimics the humoral fine specificity of human SLE.
Academic Article Structural availability influences the capacity of autoantigenic epitopes to induce a widespread lupus-like autoimmune response.
Academic Article Autoimmunity as a result of escape from RNA surveillance.
Academic Article B-cell epitope spreading in autoimmunity.
Academic Article A limited lupus anti-spliceosomal response targets a cross-reactive, proline-rich motif.
Academic Article Anti-sm autoantibodies in systemic lupus target highly basic surface structures of complexed spliceosomal autoantigens.
Academic Article Immunization with peptides from 60 kDa Ro in diverse mouse strains.
Academic Article Early targets of nuclear RNP humoral autoimmunity in human systemic lupus erythematosus.
Academic Article 60 kD Ro and nRNP A frequently initiate human lupus autoimmunity.
Academic Article Antibody-secreting cell specificity in labial salivary glands reflects the clinical presentation and serology in patients with Sjögren's syndrome.
Academic Article Autoantibody-Positive Healthy Individuals Display Unique Immune Profiles That May Regulate Autoimmunity.
Academic Article Basic amino acids predominate in the sequential autoantigenic determinants of the small nuclear 70K ribonucleoprotein.
Academic Article Sequential autoantigenic determinants of the small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Sm D shared by human lupus autoantibodies and MRL lpr/lpr antibodies.
Academic Article Immunoglobulin epitope spreading and autoimmune disease after peptide immunization: Sm B/B'-derived PPPGMRPP and PPPGIRGP induce spliceosome autoimmunity.
Academic Article Peptide autoantigenicity of the small nuclear ribonucleoprotein C.
Academic Article Lupus humoral autoimmunity after short peptide immunization.
Grant Fine specificity of scleroderma autoantibodies
Academic Article T Cell Mediated Conversion of a Non-Anti-La Reactive B Cell to an Autoreactive Anti-La B Cell by Somatic Hypermutation.
Academic Article Two Be or Not Two Be: The Nuclear Autoantigen La/SS-B Is Able to Form Dimers and Oligomers in a Redox Dependent Manner.
Academic Article And Yet It Moves: Oxidation of the Nuclear Autoantigen La/SS-B Is the Driving Force for Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Shuttling.
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