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Academic Article Access to health care resources for family caregivers of elderly persons with dementia.
Academic Article Family members' perceptions: how they view care of Alzheimer's patients in a nursing home.
Academic Article Assessing family satisfaction with care for persons with dementia.
Academic Article A nursing intervention to decrease depression in family caregivers of persons with dementia.
Academic Article The experience of caring for a family member with Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Interventions for residents with dementia and their family and staff caregivers: evaluating the effectiveness of measures of outcomes in long-term care.
Academic Article Patterns of caregiving of Cuban, other Hispanic, Caribbean Black, and White elders in South Florida.
Academic Article Research Priorities in Family Caregiving: Process and Outcomes of a Conference on Family-Centered Care Across the Trajectory of Serious Illness.
Academic Article Sibling perception of schizophrenia: impact on relationships, roles, and health.
Academic Article Assessing family and staff caregiver outcomes in Alzheimer disease research.
Academic Article Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Family involvement with communication-impaired residents in long-term care settings.
Academic Article Children of affectively ill parents.
Academic Article Caregiver training for people with Alzheimer's based on a stress threshold model.
Academic Article Interventions for family caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease in community-based settings: items for consideration.
Academic Article Family members' perceptions of care of institutionalized patients with Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Alzheimer's disease. Involving nursing in the development and implementation of health care for patients and families.
Academic Article Alleviating the discharge crisis: the effects of a cognitive-behavioral nursing intervention for depressed patients and their families.
Academic Article Teaching patients self care: a critical aspect of psychiatric discharge planning.
Academic Article Emotional responses of family members during a critical care hospitalization.
Academic Article Behavioral responses of family members during critical illness.
Academic Article Psychogeriatric outreach to rural families: the Iowa and Virginia models.
Academic Article Impact of a psychoeducational intervention on caregiver response to behavioral problems.
Academic Article Family Caregiver Role and Burden Related to Gender and Family Relationships.
Academic Article Outcomes of a Two-Component Intervention on Behavioral Symptoms in Persons With Dementia and Symptom Response in Their Caregivers.
Academic Article Elder Mistreatment Among Rural Family Caregivers of Persons With Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders.
Academic Article Developing an instrument for the assessment of family dynamics.
Academic Article Perceived changes in adult family members' roles and responsibilities during critical illness.
Academic Article Group functioning of a collaborative family research team.
Academic Article Effects of child visitation in adult critical care units: a pilot study.
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