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Concept Hospitalization
Academic Article Utilization of mental health services among rural elderly.
Academic Article Application of the Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold Model across the continuum of care.
Academic Article Medication management, antidepressant drugs, and the elderly: an overview.
Academic Article New technology for medication adherence: electronically managed medication dispensing system.
Academic Article A trial of a comprehensive nursing rehabilitation program for nursing home residents post-hospitalization.
Academic Article Postpartum affective disorders: the manias and depression of childbirth.
Academic Article Use of the Iowa Self-Assessment Inventory with older hospitalized patients.
Academic Article Comorbidity of late life depression: an opportunity for research on mechanisms and treatment.
Academic Article Geropsychiatric inpatient care: what is state of the art?
Academic Article Alzheimer's disease. Involving nursing in the development and implementation of health care for patients and families.
Academic Article Emotional responses of family members during a critical care hospitalization.
Academic Article Catastrophic reactions and other behaviors of Alzheimer's residents: special unit compared with traditional units.
Academic Article Managing the care of patients with irreversible dementia during hospitalization for comorbidities.
Academic Article It's not "hip" to be delirious.
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