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Concept Pore Forming Cytotoxic Proteins
Academic Article The primary structure of Clostridium septicum alpha-toxin exhibits similarity with that of Aeromonas hydrophila aerolysin.
Academic Article Expression and properties of an aerolysin--Clostridium septicum alpha toxin hybrid protein.
Academic Article Structure of the lectin regulatory domain of the cholesterol-dependent cytolysin lectinolysin reveals the basis for its lewis antigen specificity.
Academic Article Clostridium septicum alpha toxin uses glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored protein receptors.
Academic Article Clostridium septicum alpha-toxin is active against the parasitic protozoan Toxoplasma gondii and targets members of the SAG family of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored surface proteins.
Academic Article The pore-forming toxin listeriolysin O mediates a novel entry pathway of L. monocytogenes into human hepatocytes.
Academic Article An Intermolecular p-Stacking Interaction Drives Conformational Changes Necessary to ß-Barrel Formation in a Pore-Forming Toxin.
Academic Article A Key Motif in the Cholesterol-Dependent Cytolysins Reveals a Large Family of Related Proteins.
Academic Article Structures of perfringolysin O suggest a pathway for activation of cholesterol-dependent cytolysins.
Academic Article Pore-forming activity of alpha-toxin is essential for clostridium septicum-mediated myonecrosis.
Academic Article The Unique Molecular Choreography of Giant Pore Formation by the Cholesterol-Dependent Cytolysins of Gram-Positive Bacteria.
Academic Article The Structural Basis for a Transition State That Regulates Pore Formation in a Bacterial Toxin.
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