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Concept Anterior Eye Segment
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Concept Pigment Epithelium of Eye
Concept Eye Diseases, Hereditary
Academic Article Nonviral ocular gene therapy: assessment and future directions.
Academic Article Focus on molecules: RDS.
Academic Article RPE65: role in the visual cycle, human retinal disease, and gene therapy.
Academic Article A 350 bp region of the proximal promoter of Rds drives cell-type specific gene expression.
Academic Article Nanoparticles for retinal gene therapy.
Academic Article Structural characterization of the second intra-discal loop of the photoreceptor tetraspanin RDS.
Academic Article Overexpression of retinal degeneration slow (RDS) protein adversely affects rods in the rd7 model of enhanced S-cone syndrome.
Academic Article Insights into the mechanisms of macular degeneration associated with the R172W mutation in RDS.
Academic Article Initiation of rod outer segment disc formation requires RDS.
Academic Article PRPH2/RDS and ROM-1: Historical context, current views and future considerations.
Academic Article Prph2 initiates outer segment morphogenesis but maturation requires Prph2/Rom1 oligomerization.
Academic Article Nanoparticle applications in ocular gene therapy.
Academic Article Differential requirements for retinal degeneration slow intermolecular disulfide-linked oligomerization in rods versus cones.
Academic Article Biochemical analysis of phenotypic diversity associated with mutations in codon 244 of the retinal degeneration slow gene.
Academic Article Increased cone sensitivity to ABCA4 deficiency provides insight into macular vision loss in Stargardt's dystrophy.
Academic Article Defects in the outer limiting membrane are associated with rosette development in the Nrl-/- retina.
Academic Article S/MAR-containing DNA nanoparticles promote persistent RPE gene expression and improvement in RPE65-associated LCA.
Academic Article The Y141C knockin mutation in RDS leads to complex phenotypes in the mouse.
Academic Article SNAREs Interact with Retinal Degeneration Slow and Rod Outer Segment Membrane Protein-1 during Conventional and Unconventional Outer Segment Targeting.
Academic Article Retinal Degeneration Slow (RDS) Glycosylation Plays a Role in Cone Function and in the Regulation of RDS┬ĚROM-1 Protein Complex Formation.
Academic Article Therapeutic Approach of Nanotechnology for Oxidative Stress Induced Ocular Neurodegenerative Diseases.
Academic Article Characterization of Ribozymes Targeting a Congenital Night Blindness Mutation in Rhodopsin Mutation.
Academic Article Non-viral therapeutic approaches to ocular diseases: An overview and future directions.
Academic Article Oligomerization of Prph2 and Rom1 is essential for photoreceptor outer segment formation.
Academic Article Elimination of a Retinal Riboflavin Binding Protein Exacerbates Degeneration in a Model of Cone-Rod Dystrophy.
Academic Article Barriers to productive transfection of trabecular meshwork cells.
Academic Article Alterations in human trabecular meshwork cell homeostasis by selenium.
Academic Article Rim formation is not a prerequisite for distribution of cone photoreceptor outer segment proteins.
Academic Article DNA nanoparticles are safe and nontoxic in non-human primate eyes.
Academic Article ROM1 contributes to phenotypic heterogeneity in PRPH2-associated retinal disease.
Academic Article Retbindin: A riboflavin Binding Protein, Is Critical for Photoreceptor Homeostasis and Survival in Models of Retinal Degeneration.
Academic Article Aquaporin-1 expression and conventional aqueous outflow in human eyes.
Academic Article Differences in RDS trafficking, assembly and function in cones versus rods: insights from studies of C150S-RDS.
Academic Article Overexpression of ROM-1 in the cone-dominant retina.
Academic Article Rom1 converts Y141C-Prph2-associated pattern dystrophy to retinitis pigmentosa.
Academic Article Novel molecular mechanisms for Prph2-associated pattern dystrophy.
Grant The role of the photoreceptor tetraspanin Rds in outer segment morphogenesis
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