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Concept Dental Calculus
Academic Article Pathogens and host immunity in the ancient human oral cavity.
Academic Article Direct evidence of milk consumption from ancient human dental calculus.
Academic Article A new era in palaeomicrobiology: prospects for ancient dental calculus as a long-term record of the human oral microbiome.
Academic Article The dental calculus metabolome in modern and historic samples.
Academic Article Differential preservation of endogenous human and microbial DNA in dental calculus and dentin.
Academic Article Microbial differences between dental plaque and historic dental calculus are related to oral biofilm maturation stage.
Academic Article Exotic foods reveal contact between South Asia and the Near East during the second millennium BCE.
Academic Article Ancient human microbiomes.
Academic Article Intrinsic challenges in ancient microbiome reconstruction using 16S rRNA gene amplification.
Academic Article Successful enrichment and recovery of whole mitochondrial genomes from ancient human dental calculus.
Academic Article Proteomic evidence of dietary sources in ancient dental calculus.
Academic Article Dental Calculus and the Evolution of the Human Oral Microbiome.
Academic Article The efficacy of whole human genome capture on ancient dental calculus and dentin.
Academic Article Medieval women's early involvement in manuscript production suggested by lapis lazuli identification in dental calculus.
Academic Article "The dead shall be raised": Multidisciplinary analysis of human skeletons reveals complexity in 19th century immigrant socioeconomic history and identity in New Haven, Connecticut.
Academic Article Relief food subsistence revealed by microparticle and proteomic analyses of dental calculus from victims of the Great Irish Famine.
Academic Article The genomic origins of the Bronze Age Tarim Basin mummies.
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