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Concept Sequence Analysis, DNA
Academic Article Citroniella saccharovorans gen. nov. sp. nov., a member of the family Peptoniphilaceae isolated from a human fecal sample from a coastal traditional community member.
Academic Article Pathogens and host immunity in the ancient human oral cavity.
Academic Article Oral microbiome diversity among Cheyenne and Arapaho individuals from Oklahoma.
Academic Article Long-term genetic stability and a high-altitude East Asian origin for the peoples of the high valleys of the Himalayan arc.
Academic Article Brief communication: molecular analysis of the Kwäday Dän Ts'finchi ancient remains found in a glacier in Canada.
Academic Article Clostridium amazonense sp. nov. an obliqately anaerobic bacterium isolated from a remote Amazonian community in Peru.
Academic Article Peptoniphilus catoniae sp. nov., isolated from a human faecal sample from a traditional Peruvian coastal community.
Academic Article Successful enrichment and recovery of whole mitochondrial genomes from ancient human dental calculus.
Academic Article Comparison of extraction methods for recovering ancient microbial DNA from paleofeces.
Academic Article Land, language, and loci: mtDNA in Native Americans and the genetic history of Peru.
Academic Article The efficacy of whole human genome capture on ancient dental calculus and dentin.
Academic Article Components of a Neanderthal gut microbiome recovered from fecal sediments from El Salt.
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