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Concept Enteroendocrine Cells
Academic Article DCLK1 facilitates intestinal tumor growth via enhancing pluripotency and epithelial mesenchymal transition.
Academic Article Intestinal tuft cells regulate the ATM mediated DNA Damage response via Dclk1 dependent mechanism for crypt restitution following radiation injury.
Academic Article Dclk1, a tumor stem cell marker, regulates pro-survival signaling and self-renewal of intestinal tumor cells.
Academic Article Dclk1+ small intestinal epithelial tuft cells display the hallmarks of quiescence and self-renewal.
Academic Article Cyclooxygenase expression in intestinal epithelial cells.
Academic Article Azoxymethane protects intestinal stem cells and reduces crypt epithelial mitosis through a COX-1-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Novel intestinal splice variants of RNA-binding protein CUGBP2: isoform-specific effects on mitotic catastrophe.
Academic Article Identification of the putative intestinal stem cell marker doublecortin and CaM kinase-like-1 in Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma.
Academic Article Long-lived intestinal tuft cells serve as colon cancer-initiating cells.
Academic Article Loss of p21Waf1/Cip1/Sdi1 enhances intestinal stem cell survival following radiation injury.
Academic Article Intestinal stem cells and the colorectal cancer microenvironment.
Academic Article Doublecortin and CaM kinase-like-1 and leucine-rich-repeat-containing G-protein-coupled receptor mark quiescent and cycling intestinal stem cells, respectively.
Academic Article Intestinal Enteroendocrine Lineage Cells Possess Homeostatic and Injury-Inducible Stem Cell Activity.
Academic Article FGF-2 enhances intestinal stem cell survival and its expression is induced after radiation injury.
Academic Article A multicenter study to standardize reporting and analyses of fluorescence-activated cell-sorted murine intestinal epithelial cells.
Grant The Gastrointestinal Stem Cell Response to Injury
Grant Pancreatic Stem Cells and Cancer
Grant Isolation and Characterization of Intestinal Stem Cells Using Novel Markers (RP)
Grant Mechanisms of tuft cell mediated regulation of the intestinal stem cell niche following injury
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