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Concept Stress, Psychological
Academic Article Urban Stress Indirectly Influences Psychological Symptoms through Its Association with Distress Tolerance and Perceived Social Support among Adults Experiencing Homelessness.
Academic Article The relation between social cohesion and smoking cessation among Black smokers, and the potential role of psychosocial mediators.
Academic Article Characterizing Concurrent Tobacco Product Use Among Homeless Cigarette Smokers.
Academic Article Comparing homeless smokers to economically disadvantaged domiciled smokers.
Academic Article Distress Tolerance Links Sleep Problems with Stress and Health in Homeless.
Academic Article Everyday discrimination is associated with nicotine dependence among African American, Latino, and White smokers.
Academic Article The Potential Explanatory Role of Perceived Stress in Associations Between Subjective Social Status and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Homeless Smokers.
Academic Article An ecological momentary intervention for smoking cessation: The associations of just-in-time, tailored messages with lapse risk factors.
Academic Article Association of Fear and Mistrust with Stress Among Sheltered Homeless Adults and the Moderating Effects of Race and Sex.
Academic Article Pathways between socioeconomic status and modifiable risk factors among African American smokers.
Academic Article Post-quit stress mediates the relation between social support and smoking cessation among socioeconomically disadvantaged adults.
Academic Article Identifying mechanisms that link pain to smoking relapse during a quit attempt.
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