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Concept Cartilage, Articular
Academic Article Tensile properties of the mandibular condylar cartilage.
Academic Article Osteochondral interface regeneration of rabbit mandibular condyle with bioactive signal gradients.
Academic Article Decellularized cartilage may be a chondroinductive material for osteochondral tissue engineering.
Academic Article Chondroinductive Peptides: Drawing Inspirations from Cell-Matrix Interactions.
Academic Article Degenerative disorders of the temporomandibular joint: etiology, diagnosis, and treatment.
Academic Article The bioactivity of cartilage extracellular matrix in articular cartilage regeneration.
Academic Article Microsphere-based gradient implants for osteochondral regeneration: a long-term study in sheep.
Academic Article In vivo evaluation of stem cell aggregates on osteochondral regeneration.
Academic Article Effects of tissue processing on bioactivity of cartilage matrix-based hydrogels encapsulating osteoconductive particles.
Academic Article Mechanical testing of hydrogels in cartilage tissue engineering: beyond the compressive modulus.
Academic Article Evaluation of apparent fracture toughness of articular cartilage and hydrogels.
Academic Article A comparison of human umbilical cord matrix stem cells and temporomandibular joint condylar chondrocytes for tissue engineering temporomandibular joint condylar cartilage.
Academic Article Bioactive Microsphere-Based Scaffolds Containing Decellularized Cartilage.
Academic Article Chondroinduction from Naturally Derived Cartilage Matrix: A Comparison Between Devitalized and Decellularized Cartilage Encapsulated in Hydrogel Pastes.
Academic Article Approaching the compressive modulus of articular cartilage with a decellularized cartilage-based hydrogel.
Academic Article Chondroinductive Peptides for Cartilage Regeneration.
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