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Concept Sequence Analysis, DNA
Concept Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
Academic Article A method adapting microarray technology for signature-tagged mutagenesis of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans G20 and Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 in anaerobic sediment survival experiments.
Academic Article Evidence for chimeric sequences formed during random arbitrarily primed PCR.
Academic Article Phylogenetic and metabolic diversity of Planctomycetes from anaerobic, sulfide- and sulfur-rich Zodletone Spring, Oklahoma.
Academic Article Identification and isolation of a Castellaniella species important during biostimulation of an acidic nitrate- and uranium-contaminated aquifer.
Academic Article Abundance, composition, diversity and novelty of soil Proteobacteria.
Academic Article Exposure of soil microbial communities to chromium and arsenic alters their diversity and structure.
Academic Article Diversity of the microeukaryotic community in sulfide-rich Zodletone Spring (Oklahoma).
Academic Article Haladaptatus paucihalophilus gen. nov., sp. nov., a halophilic archaeon isolated from a low-salt, sulfide-rich spring.
Academic Article Comparison of species richness estimates obtained using nearly complete fragments and simulated pyrosequencing-generated fragments in 16S rRNA gene-based environmental surveys.
Academic Article Utilization of microbial biofilms as monitors of bioremediation.
Academic Article Metagenomic analysis of the microbial community at Zodletone Spring (Oklahoma): insights into the genome of a member of the novel candidate division OD1.
Academic Article Characterization of pNC1, a small and mobilizable plasmid for use in genetic manipulation of Desulfovibrio africanus.
Academic Article Desulfovibrio africanus subsp. uniflagellum subsp. nov., a sulfate-reducing bacterium from a uranium-contaminated subsurface aquifer.
Academic Article Haloferax sulfurifontis sp. nov., a halophilic archaeon isolated from a sulfide- and sulfur-rich spring.
Academic Article Novelty and uniqueness patterns of rare members of the soil biosphere.
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