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Academic Article Tobacco cessation attitudes and behaviors among Oklahoma high school students.
Academic Article Protective assets for non-use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among urban American Indian youth in Oklahoma.
Academic Article Smoke-free beginnings: changing practice behaviors to improve the delivery of smoking cessation to prenatal patients in Oklahoma.
Academic Article Building capacity to address tobacco-related disparities among American Indian and Hispanic/Latino communities: conceptual and systemic considerations.
Academic Article Culturally-tailored smoking cessation for American Indians: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Trends in lung cancer incidence rates, Oklahoma 2005-2010.
Academic Article Tobacco Control and Prevention in Oklahoma: Best Practices in a Preemptive State.
Academic Article Oklahoma "Tobacco Stops with Me"Media Campaign Effects on Attitudes toward Secondhand Smoke.
Academic Article Increased Evidence-Based Tobacco Treatment Through Oklahoma Hospital System Changes.
Academic Article Race and Gender Disparities in Lung Cancer Incidence Rates, 2001-2010.
Academic Article Electronic nicotine delivery system landscape in licensed tobacco retailers: results of a county-level survey in Oklahoma.
Academic Article Evaluating the role of smokeless tobacco use indices as brief measures of dependence.
Academic Article Trust in Health Information Sources: Survey Analysis of Variation by Sociodemographic and Tobacco Use Status in Oklahoma.
Academic Article Physicians' campaign for a healthier Oklahoma. Evaluation of the schools for healthy lifestyles: program overview and baseline results.
Academic Article Schools for Healthy Lifestyles evaluation results.
Academic Article Tobacco use among American Indians in Oklahoma: an epidemiologic view.
Academic Article Does participation in a nurse visitation programme reduce the frequency of adverse perinatal outcomes in first-time mothers?
Academic Article Smokeless tobacco and prevalence of cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article Excise tax differences at Oklahoma smoke shops: an opportunity for inter-tribal coordination.
Academic Article Communities of excellence in tobacco control: changes in local policy and key outcomes.
Academic Article Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline utilization and cessation among American Indians.
Academic Article Predictors of smokeless tobacco cessation among telephone quitline participants.
Academic Article Tobacco control and prevention in Oklahoma: best practices in a preemptive state.
Academic Article Post-cessation weight concerns among women calling a state tobacco quitline.
Academic Article Increased evidence-based tobacco treatment through Oklahoma hospital system changes.
Academic Article Longitudinal evaluation of the Tobacco Stops With Me campaign.
Academic Article Electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) use during smoking cessation: a qualitative study of 40 Oklahoma quitline callers.
Academic Article Indications for labor induction. Differences between university and community hospitals.
Academic Article Prevalence of primary immune thrombocytopenia in Oklahoma.
Academic Article Determining a definite diagnosis of primary immune thrombocytopenia by medical record review.
Academic Article Addressing weight gain in smoking cessation treatment: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Oklahoma "Tobacco Stops with Me" Media Campaign Effects on Attitudes toward Secondhand Smoke.
Academic Article Electronic nicotine delivery system use behaviour and loss of autonomy among American Indians: results from an observational study.
Academic Article Support for Local Tobacco Policy in a Preemptive State.
Academic Article They Came, But Will They Come Back? An Observational Study of Re-Enrollment Predictors for the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.
Academic Article Replicating state Quitline innovations to increase reach: findings from three states.
Grant University of Oklahoma Community Networks Project OUCNP
Academic Article Smokeless Tobacco Point of Sale Advertising, Placement and Promotion: Associations With Store and Neighborhood Characteristics.
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