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Concept Interleukin-18
Concept Receptors, Interleukin
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Concept Interleukin-23
Academic Article The dual nature of T(H)17 cells: shifting the focus to function.
Academic Article Memory/effector (CD45RB(lo)) CD4 T cells are controlled directly by IL-10 and cause IL-22-dependent intestinal pathology.
Academic Article Interleukin 23 production by intestinal CD103(+)CD11b(+) dendritic cells in response to bacterial flagellin enhances mucosal innate immune defense.
Academic Article IL-22 deficiency alters colonic microbiota to be transmissible and colitogenic.
Academic Article IL-22 and inflammation: leukin' through a glass onion.
Academic Article Anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory roles of TGF-beta, IL-10, and IL-22 in immunity and autoimmunity.
Academic Article RasGRP1 regulates antigen-induced developmental programming by naive CD8 T cells.
Academic Article IL-22 signaling contributes to West Nile encephalitis pathogenesis.
Academic Article Hypoxic modulation of hepatocyte responses to the cytokine interleukin-22.
Academic Article Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin negatively modulates ILC3 function through perturbation of IL-23-mediated MAPK signaling.
Academic Article Glucocorticoids Inhibit Group 3 Innate Lymphocyte IL-22 Production.
Academic Article Interleukin-22 but not interleukin-17 provides protection to hepatocytes during acute liver inflammation.
Academic Article Innate and adaptive interleukin-22 protects mice from inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Recent advances in IL-22 biology.
Academic Article IL-22BP is regulated by the inflammasome and modulates tumorigenesis in the intestine.
Academic Article Transcription Factor HIF-1a Controls Expression of the Cytokine IL-22 in CD4 T Cells.
Academic Article IL-22 deficiency increases CD4 T cell responses to mucosal immunization.
Academic Article IL-22: There Is a Gap in Our Knowledge.
Academic Article IL-22 Binding Protein (IL-22BP) in the Regulation of IL-22 Biology.
Academic Article Group 3 innate lymphocytes (ILC3s) upregulate IL-22 in response to elevated intracellular cAMP levels.
Academic Article The Polyamine Putrescine Is a Positive Regulator of Group 3 Innate Lymphocyte Activation.
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