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Academic Article Reliability of rate of velocity development and phase measures on an isokinetic device.
Academic Article Effect of rest interval on neuromuscular and metabolic responses between children and adolescents.
Academic Article Low- and high-volume strength training induces similar neuromuscular improvements in muscle quality in elderly women.
Academic Article Effects of single vs. multiple-set short-term strength training in elderly women.
Academic Article Kinematic and sEMG Analysis of the Back Squat at Different Intensities With and Without Knee Wraps.
Academic Article Effects of velocity-specific training on rate of velocity development, peak torque, and performance.
Academic Article Effects of antagonist pre-load on knee extensor isokinetic muscle performance.
Academic Article Acute effects of caffeine on strength and muscle activation of the elbow flexors.
Academic Article Lower-extremity strength ratios of professional soccer players according to field position.
Academic Article Dissociated Time Course of Muscle Damage Recovery Between Single- and Multi-Joint Exercises in Highly Resistance-Trained Men.
Academic Article Early strength response of the knee extensors during eight weeks of resistive training after unilateral total knee arthroplasty.
Academic Article Effect of delayed-onset muscle soreness on elbow flexion strength and rate of velocity development.
Academic Article Lower-extremity isokinetic strength ratios of elite springboard and platform diving athletes.
Academic Article Effect of Three Different Muscle Action Training Protocols on Knee Strength Ratios and Performance.
Academic Article Muscle activation when performing the chest press and shoulder press on a stable bench vs. a Swiss ball.
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