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Concept Muscle Fatigue
Academic Article Effect of rest interval on strength recovery in young and old women.
Academic Article Comparison of swim recovery and muscle stimulation on lactate removal after sprint swimming.
Academic Article Effect of rest interval on neuromuscular and metabolic responses between children and adolescents.
Academic Article Effects of diverting activity on strength, electromyographic, and mechanomyographic signals.
Academic Article Maintenance of Velocity and Power With Cluster Sets During High-Volume Back Squats.
Academic Article Determination of Vertical Jump as a Measure of Neuromuscular Readiness and Fatigue.
Academic Article Effects of environmental cooling on force production in the quadriceps and hamstrings.
Academic Article Influence of recovery duration after a potentiating stimulus on muscular power in recreationally trained individuals.
Academic Article Effects of antagonist pre-load on knee extensor isokinetic muscle performance.
Academic Article Effects of self-selected music on strength, explosiveness, and mood.
Academic Article Muscle fatigue and metabolic responses following three different antagonist pre-load resistance exercises.
Academic Article Dissociated time course between peak torque and total work recovery following bench press training in resistance trained men.
Academic Article Skeletal Muscle Fatigability and Myosin Heavy Chain Fiber Type in Resistance Trained Men.
Academic Article Muscle activation when performing the chest press and shoulder press on a stable bench vs. a Swiss ball.
Academic Article The effect of warm-up with whole-body vibration vs. cycle ergometry on isokinetic dynamometry.
Academic Article Dissociated time course of recovery between genders after resistance exercise.
Academic Article Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Different Cluster Set Structures: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Acute Effects of Static vs. Ballistic Stretching on Strength and Muscular Fatigue Between Ballet Dancers and Resistance-Trained Women.
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