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Concept Weight Lifting
Academic Article The effect of short-term isokinetic training on force and rate of velocity development.
Academic Article Postactivation potentiation response in athletic and recreationally trained individuals.
Academic Article Effects of weightlifting vs. kettlebell training on vertical jump, strength, and body composition.
Academic Article Graduated compression sleeves: effects on metabolic removal and neuromuscular performance.
Academic Article Comparison of concentric and eccentric bench press repetitions to failure.
Academic Article Maintenance of Velocity and Power With Cluster Sets During High-Volume Back Squats.
Academic Article Comparison of Olympic and Hexagonal Barbells With Midthigh Pull, Deadlift, and Countermovement Jump.
Academic Article Potentiation of Bench Press Throw Performance Using a Heavy Load and Velocity-Based Repetition Control.
Academic Article Relationship between force-time and velocity-time characteristics of dynamic and isometric muscle actions.
Academic Article Effects of self-selected music on strength, explosiveness, and mood.
Academic Article Effects of traditional vs. alternating whole-body strength training on squat performance.
Academic Article Acute Effects of Elastic Bands on Kinetic Characteristics During the Deadlift at Moderate and Heavy Loads.
Academic Article An Examination of Muscle Activation and Power Characteristics While Performing the Deadlift Exercise With Straight and Hexagonal Barbells.
Academic Article Electromyographic and Force Plate Analysis of the Deadlift Performed With and Without Chains.
Academic Article Effect of potentiating exercise volume on vertical jump parameters in recreationally trained men.
Academic Article Bench Press Upper-Body Muscle Activation Between Stable and Unstable Loads.
Academic Article The effect of single versus multiple sets on strength.
Academic Article Muscle activation when performing the chest press and shoulder press on a stable bench vs. a Swiss ball.
Academic Article Chest Press Exercises With Different Stability Requirements Result in Similar Muscle Damage Recovery in Resistance-Trained Men.
Academic Article Comparison Between Unilateral and Bilateral Plyometric Training on Single- and Double-Leg Jumping Performance and Strength.
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