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Concept Rats
Academic Article Continuous monitoring of in vivo nitric oxide formation using EPR analysis in biliary flow.
Academic Article Spin trapping of free radical metabolites of carbon tetrachloride in vitro and in vivo: effect of acute ethanol administration.
Academic Article Hydroxyl radicals are generated by hepatic microsomes during NADPH oxidation: relationship to ethanol metabolism.
Academic Article Commentary on 'Ethanol toxicity and oxidative stress' by S.C. Bondy.
Academic Article Reactive free radical generation in vivo in heart and liver of ethanol-fed rats: correlation with radical formation in vitro.
Academic Article p-Nitrophenol hydroxylation. A microsomal oxidation which is highly inducible by ethanol.
Academic Article Metabolism of ethanol to 1-hydroxyethyl radicals in rat liver microsomes: comparative studies with three spin trapping agents.
Academic Article Inorganic phosphate promotes redox cycling of iron in liver microsomes: effects on free radical reactions.
Academic Article Mechanisms for metabolism of ethanol to 1-hydroxyethyl radicals in rat liver microsomes.
Academic Article Spin trapping evidence for alcohol-associated oxidative stress.
Academic Article Detection of spin adducts in blood after administration of carbon tetrachloride to rats.
Academic Article Spin-trapping studies of hepatic free radicals formed following the acute administration of ethanol to rats: in vivo detection of 1-hydroxyethyl radicals with PBN.
Academic Article In vivo and in vitro 1-methylxanthine metabolism in the rat. Evidence that the dehydrogenase form of xanthine oxidase predominates in intact perfused liver.
Academic Article Sulfation of acetaminophen in isolated rat hepatocytes. Relationship to sulfate ion concentrations and intracellular levels of 3'-phosphoadenosine-5'-phosphosulfate.
Academic Article Diminished rates of glucuronidation and sulfation in perfused rat liver after chronic ethanol administration.
Academic Article 7-ethoxycoumarin O-deethylation in perfused livers from ethanol-fed rats: evidence for an important role of mitochondrial reducing equivalents.
Academic Article Effect of ethanol feeding on hepatic microsomal UDP-glucuronyltransferase activity.
Academic Article Ethanol feeding stimulates trichloromethyl radical formation from carbon tetrachloride in liver.
Academic Article Benzo(a)pyrene phenol production by perfused rat liver and its inhibition by ethanol.
Academic Article Inhibition of p-nitroanisole O-demethylation in perfused rat liver by potassium cyanide.
Academic Article Effects of ethanol and sorbitol on mixed-function oxidation in perfused rat livers.
Academic Article p-Nitroanisole O-demethylation in perfused hamster liver. High rates of pentose cycle-independent mixed-function oxidation.
Academic Article Postnatal development of mixed-function oxidation and conjugation in hemoglobin-free perfused rat liver.
Academic Article In vivo magnetic resonance imaging study of Kupffer cell involvement in CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in rats.
Academic Article Oxygen radical formation in well-washed rat liver microsomes: spin trapping studies.
Academic Article Oxidation-reduction state of free NADP+ during mixed-function oxidation in perfused rat livers--Evaluation of the assumptions of near equilibrium by comparisons of surface fluorescence changes and calculated NADP+:NADPH ratios.
Academic Article Free radical formation during ketamine anesthesia in rats: a cautionary note.
Academic Article Aromatic hydroxylation in PBN spin trapping by hydroxyl radicals and cytochrome P-450.
Academic Article Effect of low flow ischemia-reperfusion injury on liver function.
Academic Article Pronounced hepatic free radical formation precedes pathological liver injury in ethanol-fed rats.
Academic Article Antioxidants and gadolinium chloride attenuate hepatic parenchymal and endothelial cell injury induced by low flow ischemia and reperfusion in perfused rat livers.
Academic Article In vivo detection of aflatoxin-induced lipid free radicals in rat bile.
Academic Article Enhancement of carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury by a single dose of ethanol: proton magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies in vivo.
Academic Article Maintenance of nicotinamide dinucleotide phosphate content and oxidation-reduction state during mixed-function oxidation of p-nitroanisole in isolated perfused livers of various species.
Academic Article Diminished pentose cycle flux in perfused livers of ethanol-fed rats.
Academic Article Metabolism of benzo[a]pyrene in the perfused rat liver: factors affecting the release of phenolic metabolites into the bile and perfusate.
Academic Article Interactions between ethanol metabolism and mixed-function oxidation in perfused rat liver: inhibition of p-nitroanisole O-demethylation.
Academic Article Regulation of NADPH-dependent mixed-function oxidation in perfused livers. Comparative studies with sorbitol and ethanol.
Academic Article Co-regulation of the mixed-function oxidation of p-nitroanisole and glucuronidation of p-nitrophenol in the perfused rat liver by carbohydrate reserves.
Academic Article Mechanism of inhibition of mixed-function oxidation by ethanol.
Academic Article Inhibition of mixed-function oxidation of p-nitroanisole in perfused rat liver by 2,4-dinitrophenol.
Academic Article Metabolism of phenyl and alkyl spin adducts of PBN in rat hepatocytes. Rate dependence on size and type of addend group.
Academic Article Degradation of DMPO adducts from hydroxyl and 1-hydroxyethyl radicals by rat liver microsomes.
Academic Article Hepatic nitric oxide formation: spin trapping detection in biliary efflux.
Academic Article Nf-kappab activation is associated with free radical generation and endotoxemia and precedes pathological liver injury in experimental alcoholic liver disease.
Academic Article Free radical generation in the cochlea during combined exposure to noise and carbon monoxide: an electrophysiological and an EPR study.
Academic Article Differential expression of liver interleukin-6 receptor-alpha in female versus male ethanol-consuming rats.
Academic Article Stimulation of p-nitroanisole O-demethylation in perfused livers by xylitol and sorbitol.
Academic Article Estrogen suppresses heptatic I?B expression during short-term alcohol exposure.
Academic Article p-Nitrophenol conjugation in perfused livers from normal and phenobarbital-treated rats: influence of nutritional state.
Academic Article Altered activity of hepatic mixed-function mono-oxygenase enzymes in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
Academic Article Increased aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity in hepatic microsomes from streptozotocin-diabetic female rats.
Academic Article A comparison of the inductive effects of phenobarbital, methaqualone, and methyprylon on hepatic mixed function oxidase enzymes in the rat.
Academic Article Stimulation of p-nitroanisole O-demethylation by ethanol in perfused livers from fasted rats.
Academic Article Altered metabolism of androstenedione by hepatic microsomes from streptozotocin-diabetic male rats.
Academic Article Induction of rat hepatic mixed function monooxygenases by levamisole.
Academic Article Possible roles of free radicals in alcoholic tissue damage.
Academic Article Comparison of ethanol and imidazole pretreatments on hepatic monooxygenase activities in the rat.
Academic Article Rates of pentose cycle flux in perfused rat liver. Evaluation of the role of reducing equivalents from the pentose cycle for mixed-function oxidation.
Academic Article Metabolism of ethanol to 1-hydroxyethyl radicals in vivo: detection with intravenous administration of alpha-(4-pyridyl-1-oxide)-N-t-butylnitrone.
Academic Article Spin trapping studies of alcohol-initiated radicals in rat liver: influence of dietary fat.
Academic Article Free radical formation in livers of rats treated acutely and chronically with alcohol.
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