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Concept Spin Trapping
Academic Article Spin trapping of free radical metabolites of carbon tetrachloride in vitro and in vivo: effect of acute ethanol administration.
Academic Article Metabolism of ethanol to 1-hydroxyethyl radicals in rat liver microsomes: comparative studies with three spin trapping agents.
Academic Article Spin trapping evidence for alcohol-associated oxidative stress.
Academic Article Spin-trapping studies of hepatic free radicals formed following the acute administration of ethanol to rats: in vivo detection of 1-hydroxyethyl radicals with PBN.
Academic Article Determination of the rate of superoxide generation from biological systems by spin trapping: use of rapid oxygen depletion to measure the decay rate of spin adducts.
Academic Article Oxygen radical formation in well-washed rat liver microsomes: spin trapping studies.
Academic Article Free radical formation during ketamine anesthesia in rats: a cautionary note.
Academic Article Aromatic hydroxylation in PBN spin trapping by hydroxyl radicals and cytochrome P-450.
Academic Article In vivo detection of aflatoxin-induced lipid free radicals in rat bile.
Academic Article Spin trapping of superoxide radicals following stimulation of neutrophils with fMLP is temperature dependent.
Academic Article Spin trapping of superoxide from glass adherent polymorphonuclear leukocytes induced by N-formylmethionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine.
Academic Article Degradation of DMPO adducts from hydroxyl and 1-hydroxyethyl radicals by rat liver microsomes.
Academic Article Hepatic nitric oxide formation: spin trapping detection in biliary efflux.
Academic Article Spin trapping studies of alcohol-initiated radicals in rat liver: influence of dietary fat.
Academic Article Free radical formation in livers of rats treated acutely and chronically with alcohol.
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