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Academic Article A phase I human trial of mitoguazone and gemcitabine sequential bi-weekly treatment of cancer patients.
Academic Article Characterization of a high-energy in-line phase contrast tomosynthesis prototype.
Academic Article Low dose high energy x-ray in-line phase sensitive imaging prototype: Investigation of optimal geometric conditions and design parameters.
Academic Article Synergistic effect of sequential administration of mitoguazone (MGBG) and gemcitabine in treating tissue cultured human breast cancer cells and mammary rat tumors.
Academic Article Feasibility study of the iterative x-ray phase retrieval algorithm.
Academic Article A comparison of iterative algorithms and a mixed approach for in-line x-ray phase retrieval.
Academic Article Dose and detectability improvements with high energy phase sensitive x-ray imaging in comparison to low energy conventional imaging.
Academic Article Quantitative investigation of the edge enhancement in in-line phase contrast projections and tomosynthesis provided by distributing microbubbles on the interface between two tissues: a phantom study.
Academic Article Detectability comparison of simulated tumors in digital breast tomosynthesis using high-energy X-ray inline phase sensitive and commercial imaging systems.
Academic Article Impact of a single distance phase retrieval algorithm on spatial resolution in X-ray inline phase sensitive imaging.
Academic Article Preliminary feasibility study of an in-line phase contrast X-ray imaging prototype.
Academic Article DQE analysis on a dual detector phase x-ray imaging system.
Academic Article Image quality and dose efficiency of high energy phase sensitive x-ray imaging: phantom studies.
Academic Article Detectability comparison between a high energy x-ray phase sensitive and mammography systems in imaging phantoms with varying glandular-adipose ratios.
Grant Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging With Field-Emission Source
Grant A Dual Detector for X-Ray Attenuation and Phase Imaging
Grant Clinical Translation of High Energy Phase-Sensitive X-ray Breast Tomosynthesis
Academic Article Development and preclinical evaluation of a patient-specific high energy x-ray phase sensitive breast tomosynthesis system.
Academic Article A phase sensitive x-ray breast tomosynthesis system: Preliminary patient images with cancer lesions.
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