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Concept Radiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Academic Article Automated detection and analysis of fluorescent in situ hybridization spots depicted in digital microscopic images of Pap-smear specimens.
Academic Article Evaluations of auto-focusing methods under a microscopic imaging modality for metaphase chromosome image analysis.
Academic Article Feature selection for the automated detection of metaphase chromosomes: performance comparison using a receiver operating characteristic method.
Academic Article A new approach to develop computer-aided detection schemes of digital mammograms.
Academic Article Low dose high energy x-ray in-line phase sensitive imaging prototype: Investigation of optimal geometric conditions and design parameters.
Academic Article Applying a computer-aided scheme to detect a new radiographic image marker for prediction of chemotherapy outcome.
Academic Article Noise Power Characteristics of a Micro-Computed Tomography System.
Academic Article A two-step convolutional neural network based computer-aided detection scheme for automatically segmenting adipose tissue volume depicting on CT images.
Academic Article Automated identification of analyzable metaphase chromosomes depicted on microscopic digital images.
Academic Article The impact of the condenser on cytogenetic image quality in digital microscope system.
Academic Article Impact of additive noise on system performance of a digital X-ray imaging system.
Academic Article Feasibility study of the iterative x-ray phase retrieval algorithm.
Academic Article Assessment of performance and reproducibility of applying a content-based image retrieval scheme for classification of breast lesions.
Academic Article Computer-aided breast MR image feature analysis for prediction of tumor response to chemotherapy.
Academic Article The impact of spectral filtration on image quality in micro-CT system.
Academic Article Prediction of chemotherapy response in ovarian cancer patients using a new clustered quantitative image marker.
Academic Article Applying a new quantitative image analysis scheme based on global mammographic features to assist diagnosis of breast cancer.
Academic Article Techniques to improve the accuracy and to reduce the variance in noise power spectrum measurement.
Academic Article A computer-aided method to expedite the evaluation of prognosis for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Academic Article Impact of the optical depth of field on cytogenetic image quality.
Academic Article Early prediction of clinical benefit of treating ovarian cancer using quantitative CT image feature analysis.
Academic Article A new approach to develop computer-aided diagnosis scheme of breast mass classification using deep learning technology.
Academic Article Prediction of breast cancer risk using a machine learning approach embedded with a locality preserving projection algorithm.
Academic Article Applying a new computer-aided detection scheme generated imaging marker to predict short-term breast cancer risk.
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