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Concept Estrogen Antagonists
Concept Estrogens
Concept Receptors, Estrogen
Concept Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators
Concept Estrogen Receptor alpha
Concept Estrogen Receptor beta
Academic Article Estrogen receptor signaling promotes dendritic cell differentiation by increasing expression of the transcription factor IRF4.
Academic Article Regulation of dendritic cell differentiation and function by estrogen receptor ligands.
Academic Article Girl power: estrogen promotes HSC self-renewal.
Academic Article Estrogen preferentially promotes the differentiation of CD11c+ CD11b(intermediate) dendritic cells from bone marrow precursors.
Academic Article Understanding sex biases in immunity: effects of estrogen on the differentiation and function of antigen-presenting cells.
Academic Article Estrogen selectively promotes the differentiation of dendritic cells with characteristics of Langerhans cells.
Academic Article Estrogen receptors regulate an inflammatory pathway of dendritic cell differentiation: mechanisms and implications for immunity.
Academic Article The selective estrogen receptor modulators, tamoxifen and raloxifene, impair dendritic cell differentiation and activation.
Academic Article Estradiol acts directly on bone marrow myeloid progenitors to differentially regulate GM-CSF or Flt3 ligand-mediated dendritic cell differentiation.
Academic Article Estrogen receptors regulate innate immune cells and signaling pathways.
Grant Sex Differences and Estrogen Receptors Regulate Dendritic Cells in Inflammation
Grant Do estrogen receptors in B cells and DC mediate sex bias in murine lupus?
Grant Estrogen Receptor Modulators and Dendritic Cell Function
Grant Regulation of dendritic cells by estrogen receptors during influenza infection
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