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Academic Article Sororin cooperates with the acetyltransferase Eco2 to ensure DNA replication-dependent sister chromatid cohesion.
Academic Article A conserved motif at the C terminus of sororin is required for sister chromatid cohesion.
Academic Article Tome-1, a trigger of mitotic entry, is degraded during G1 via the APC.
Academic Article A wapl a day keeps the sisters apart: wapl and cohesin dynamics.
Academic Article Cohesion fatigue induces chromatid separation in cells delayed at metaphase.
Academic Article Cohesin acetylation promotes sister chromatid cohesion only in association with the replication machinery.
Academic Article Phosphorylation-enabled binding of SGO1-PP2A to cohesin protects sororin and centromeric cohesion during mitosis.
Academic Article Chromosome Cohesion and Condensation in Xenopus Egg Extracts.
Academic Article A mechanism for epigenetic control of DNA replication.
Academic Article Sororin, a substrate of the anaphase-promoting complex, is required for sister chromatid cohesion in vertebrates.
Academic Article Structure of the human cohesin inhibitor Wapl.
Academic Article Complex elaboration: making sense of meiotic cohesin dynamics.
Academic Article Sororin, the cell cycle and sister chromatid cohesion.
Academic Article Nde1-mediated inhibition of ciliogenesis affects cell cycle re-entry.
Academic Article The spindle and kinetochore-associated (Ska) complex enhances binding of the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) to chromosomes and promotes mitotic exit.
Academic Article Sororin is enriched at the central region of synapsed meiotic chromosomes.
Academic Article Esco1 and Esco2 regulate distinct cohesin functions during cell cycle progression.
Academic Article Reconstituting Nuclear and Chromosome Dynamics Using Xenopus Extracts.
Academic Article Multivalent interaction of ESCO2 with the replication machinery is required for sister chromatid cohesion in vertebrates.
Grant Regulation of chromosome cohesion during cell cycle progression
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