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Academic Article Segregation analysis of blood pressure and body mass index in a rural US community.
Academic Article Ectrodactyly with aplasia of long bones (OMIM; 119100) in a large inbred Arab family with an apparent autosomal dominant inheritance and reduced penetrance: clinical and genetic analysis.
Academic Article Rh segregation distortion: an artifact of ascertainment bias?
Academic Article Genetic epidemiology of vitiligo: multilocus recessivity cross-validated.
Academic Article Replication of association between a common variant near melanocortin-4 receptor gene and obesity-related traits in Asian Sikhs.
Academic Article Confirmation of an association between rs6822844 at the Il2-Il21 region and multiple autoimmune diseases: evidence of a general susceptibility locus.
Academic Article Gene network analysis of small molecules with autoimmune disease associated genes predicts a novel strategy for drug efficacy.
Academic Article Genotype-Phenotype Study of the Middle Gangetic Plain in India Shows Association of rs2470102 with Skin Pigmentation.
Academic Article Thrombocytopenia identifies a severe familial phenotype of systemic lupus erythematosus and reveals genetic linkages at 1q22 and 11p13.
Academic Article Early disease onset is predicted by a higher genetic risk for lupus and is associated with a more severe phenotype in lupus patients.
Academic Article PTPN22 association in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) with respect to individual ancestry and clinical sub-phenotypes.
Academic Article Expanding the spectrum of ?-secretase gene mutation-associated phenotypes: two novel mutations segregating with familial hidradenitis suppurativa (acne inversa) and acne conglobata.
Grant Genetics of RASGRP1 & 3 in Lupus susceptibility
Grant Localizing functional variants in SLE susceptibility genes
Grant Ikaros family genes and lupus susceptibility across ethnically diverse populations
Grant Mechanistic Characterization of GWAS Loci in SLE
Grant Health Disparities and Genetic Architecture of Lupus in African Americans
Grant Role of Two Interferon Regulatory Genes in Lupus
Grant NADPH-Oxidase and SLE Susceptibility
Grant Identification of Lupus Predisposing Variants by Comparing Multiple Populations
Academic Article Biallelic variants in KARS1 are associated with neurodevelopmental disorders and hearing loss recapitulated by the knockout zebrafish.
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