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Concept Hepatitis B
Concept Hepatitis B Antibodies
Concept Hepatitis B Core Antigens
Concept Hepatitis B Surface Antigens
Concept Hepatitis C
Concept Hepatitis B Vaccines
Concept Hepatitis C Antibodies
Academic Article Low prevalence of antibody to hepatitis C virus in an urban adolescent population.
Academic Article School nurses identify barriers and solutions to implementing a school-based hepatitis B immunization program.
Academic Article School-located vaccination for adolescents: Past, present, and future and implications for HPV vaccine delivery.
Academic Article Low-dose hepatitis B vaccine for adolescents.
Academic Article Predictors of time to completion of the hepatitis B vaccination series among adolescents.
Academic Article The effect of late doses on the achievement of seroprotection and antibody titer levels with hepatitis b immunization among adolescents.
Academic Article Homeless adolescents: common clinical concerns.
Academic Article The importance of hepatitis B vaccination among adolescents.
Academic Article Parent knowledge and attitudes about school-based hepatitis B immunization programs.
Academic Article Effect of needle length when immunizing obese adolescents with hepatitis B vaccine.
Academic Article Race/ethnicity and gender disparities in the utilization of a school-based hepatitis B immunization initiative.
Academic Article An evaluation of school-level factors used in a successful school-based hepatitis B immunization initiative.
Academic Article Duration of protection after infant hepatitis B vaccination series.
Academic Article Response to challenge dose among young adults vaccinated for hepatitis B as infants: importance of detectable residual antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen.
Academic Article Hepatitis B immunization among adolescents.
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