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Concept Mass Vaccination
Academic Article Vaccination: an opportunity to enhance early adolescent preventative services.
Academic Article New adolescent vaccination recommendations and how to make them "stick".
Academic Article Coordinating the delivery of vaccinations and other preventive health care recommendations for adolescents.
Academic Article Human papillomavirus vaccination in female pediatric cancer survivors.
Academic Article Private middle school parents' perspectives regarding school-located immunization programs (SLIPs).
Academic Article Focusing on flu: adolescents' perspectives on school-located immunization programs for influenza vaccine.
Academic Article Adolescent consent for vaccination: a position paper of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine.
Academic Article School-located vaccination for adolescents: Past, present, and future and implications for HPV vaccine delivery.
Academic Article Predictors of time to completion of the hepatitis B vaccination series among adolescents.
Academic Article Trust and a school-located immunization program.
Academic Article The importance of hepatitis B vaccination among adolescents.
Academic Article At what sites are parents willing to have their 11 through 14-year-old adolescents immunized?
Academic Article Urban middle school parent perspectives: the vaccines they are willing to have their children receive using school-based immunization programs.
Academic Article The authoring committee responds.
Academic Article The role of schools in strengthening delivery of new adolescent vaccinations.
Academic Article Investigation of obstacles to accessing information regarding private medical insurance coverage and physician reimbursement for adolescent vaccination.
Academic Article School-located immunization programs: do parental preferences predict behavior?
Academic Article The viability of using alternative sites to increase rates of adolescent vaccination (or: "a rising tide floats all boats").
Academic Article Focusing on flu: Parent perspectives on school-located immunization programs for influenza vaccine.
Academic Article Duration of protection after infant hepatitis B vaccination series.
Academic Article HPV vaccine uptake in a school-located vaccination program.
Academic Article Improving Vaccination Coverage in Children and Adolescents: The Role of Professional Societies.
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