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Concept Vitamin A
Concept Vitamin A Deficiency
Concept Vitamin B Complex
Concept Vitamin B 12
Concept Vitamin B 12 Deficiency
Concept Vitamin D
Concept Arachidonic Acid
Academic Article Macronutrient intake and body composition changes during anti-tuberculosis therapy in adults.
Academic Article Vitamin A supplementation and morbidity among preschool children in south India.
Academic Article Vitamin A supplementation does not improve growth of preschool children: a randomized, double-blind field trial in south India.
Academic Article Dietary vitamin A intakes of preschool-age children in South India.
Academic Article Prevalence of micronutrient malnutrition worldwide.
Academic Article Effects of micronutrients on growth of children under 5 y of age: meta-analyses of single and multiple nutrient interventions.
Academic Article Micronutrient intakes among women of reproductive age in Vietnam.
Academic Article Modeling correlates of low bone mineral density in patients with phenylalanine hydroxylase deficiency.
Academic Article Impact of preconceptional micronutrient supplementation on maternal mental health during pregnancy and postpartum: results from a randomized controlled trial in Vietnam.
Academic Article Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D but not dietary vitamin D intake is associated with hemoglobin in women of reproductive age in rural northern Vietnam.
Academic Article The role of vitamin A in reducing child mortality and morbidity and improving growth.
Academic Article Assessment and control of vitamin A deficiency disorders.
Academic Article Multimicronutrient interventions but not vitamin a or iron interventions alone improve child growth: results of 3 meta-analyses.
Academic Article Prenatal multiple micronutrient supplementation impact on biochemical indicators during pregnancy and postpartum.
Academic Article Maternal single nucleotide polymorphisms in the fatty acid desaturase 1 and 2 coding regions modify the impact of prenatal supplementation with DHA on birth weight.
Academic Article Co-occurrence of nutrition problems in Honduran children.
Academic Article Dietary intakes of polyunsaturated fatty acids among pregnant Mexican women.
Academic Article Compliance to micronutrient supplementation in children 3 to 24 months of age from a semi-rural community in Mexico.
Academic Article Vitamin A supplementation and morbidity in children born to HIV-infected women.
Academic Article Characterization of Choline Nutriture among Adults and Children with Phenylketonuria.
Academic Article Hepatic Vitamin A Concentrations and Association with Infectious Causes of Child Death.
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