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Concept Body Height
Academic Article Role of intergenerational effects on linear growth.
Academic Article Quality of Maternal Height and Weight Data from the Revised Birth Certificate and Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System.
Academic Article Associations between prenatal and postnatal growth and adult body size and composition.
Academic Article Prospective study of protein-energy supplementation early in life and of growth in the subsequent generation in Guatemala.
Academic Article Effects of micronutrients on growth of children under 5 y of age: meta-analyses of single and multiple nutrient interventions.
Academic Article Growth to age 18 months following prenatal supplementation with docosahexaenoic acid differs by maternal gravidity in Mexico.
Academic Article The relative influence of maternal nutritional status before and during pregnancy on birth outcomes in Vietnam.
Academic Article Preconception Micronutrient Supplementation with Iron and Folic Acid Compared with Folic Acid Alone Affects Linear Growth and Fine Motor Development at 2 Years of Age: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Vietnam.
Academic Article Accuracy and reliability of a low-cost, handheld 3D imaging system for child anthropometry.
Academic Article Height Trajectory During Early Childhood Is Inversely Associated with Fat Mass in Later Childhood in Mexican Boys.
Academic Article Multimicronutrient interventions but not vitamin a or iron interventions alone improve child growth: results of 3 meta-analyses.
Academic Article Greater length-for-age increases the odds of attaining motor milestones in Vietnamese children aged 5-18 months.
Academic Article Evaluation of a residential nutrition rehabilitation center in rural Bolivia: short-term effectiveness and follow-up results.
Academic Article Evaluation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness guidelines for treatment of intestinal helminth infections among sick children aged 2-4 years in western Kenya.
Academic Article Growth and diet quality are associated with the attainment of walking in rural Guatemalan infants.
Academic Article Early childhood growth and development in rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Multiple micronutrient supplementation during early childhood increases child size at 2 y of age only among high compliers.
Academic Article Influence of prenatal and postnatal growth on intellectual functioning in school-aged children.
Academic Article Breastfeeding status at age 3 months is associated with adiposity and cardiometabolic markers at age 4 years in Mexican children.
Academic Article Role of maternal preconception nutrition on offspring growth and risk of stunting across the first 1000 days in Vietnam: A prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Maternal Preconception Body Size and Early Childhood Growth during Prenatal and Postnatal Periods Are Positively Associated with Child-Attained Body Size at Age 6-7 Years: Results from a Follow-up of the PRECONCEPT Trial.
Academic Article Child Linear Growth During and After the First 1000 Days Is Positively Associated with Intellectual Functioning and Mental Health in School-Age Children in Vietnam.
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