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Concept Follow-Up Studies
Academic Article Exposure to a nutrition supplementation intervention in early childhood and risk factors for cardiovascular disease in adulthood: evidence from Guatemala.
Academic Article Overweight and obesity doubled over a 6-year period in young women living in poverty in Mexico.
Academic Article Prevalence of NAFLD in Guatemala following exposure to a protein-energy nutrition intervention in early life.
Academic Article Reproductive performance and nutrition during childhood.
Academic Article Early childhood nutrition, education and fertility milestones in Guatemala.
Academic Article Height Trajectory During Early Childhood Is Inversely Associated with Fat Mass in Later Childhood in Mexican Boys.
Academic Article Long-term effects of iron and zinc supplementation during infancy on cognitive function at 9 y of age in northeast Thai children: a follow-up study.
Academic Article Schooling, educational achievement, and cognitive functioning among young Guatemalan adults.
Academic Article Fertility behavior and reproductive outcomes among young Guatemalan adults.
Academic Article Physical activity level, dietary habits, and alcohol and tobacco use among young Guatemalan adults.
Academic Article Physical fitness, body composition, blood pressure, and blood metabolic profile among young Guatemalan adults.
Academic Article Influence of prenatal and postnatal growth on intellectual functioning in school-aged children.
Academic Article Maternal pre-pregnancy body mass index is not associated with infant and young child feeding in low-income Mexican children 1-24 months old.
Academic Article Breastfeeding status at age 3 months is associated with adiposity and cardiometabolic markers at age 4 years in Mexican children.
Academic Article Impact of Nutrition on the Next Generation: The INCAP Longitudinal Study.
Academic Article Maternal Preconception Body Size and Early Childhood Growth during Prenatal and Postnatal Periods Are Positively Associated with Child-Attained Body Size at Age 6-7 Years: Results from a Follow-up of the PRECONCEPT Trial.
Academic Article Maternal FADS2 single nucleotide polymorphism modified the impact of prenatal docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplementation on child neurodevelopment at 5 years: Follow-up of a randomized clinical trial.
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