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Concept Infant Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
Academic Article Effect of n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid intake during pregnancy on maternal, infant, and child health outcomes: a systematic review.
Academic Article Effect of multiple micronutrient supplementation on pregnancy and infant outcomes: a systematic review.
Academic Article Prospective study of protein-energy supplementation early in life and of growth in the subsequent generation in Guatemala.
Academic Article Influences of early child nutritional status and home learning environment on child development in Vietnam.
Academic Article A Cross-Sectional Survey in Rural Bihar, India, Indicates That Nutritional Status, Diet, and Stimulation Are Associated with Motor and Mental Development in Young Children.
Academic Article Effectiveness of a home fortification programme with multiple micronutrients on infant and young child development: a cluster-randomised trial in rural Bihar, India.
Academic Article Maternal years of schooling but not academic skills is independently associated with infant-feeding practices in a cohort of rural Guatemalan women.
Academic Article Greater length-for-age increases the odds of attaining motor milestones in Vietnamese children aged 5-18 months.
Academic Article A scoping review of social-behaviour change techniques applied in complementary feeding interventions.
Academic Article Nutritional supplementation in early childhood, schooling, and intellectual functioning in adulthood: a prospective study in Guatemala.
Academic Article Multiple micronutrient supplementation during early childhood increases child size at 2 y of age only among high compliers.
Academic Article Maternal pre-pregnancy body mass index is not associated with infant and young child feeding in low-income Mexican children 1-24 months old.
Academic Article Dairy intensification, mothers and children: an exploration of infant and young child feeding practices among rural dairy farmers in Kenya.
Academic Article Acceptability of multiple micronutrient powders and iron syrup in Bihar, India.
Academic Article Home Fortification of Complementary Foods Reduces Anemia and Diarrhea among Children Aged 6-18 Months in Bihar, India: A Large-Scale Effectiveness Trial.
Academic Article A nation-wide study on the common reasons for infant formula supplementation among healthy, term, breastfed infants in US hospitals.
Academic Article Infant Young Child Feeding Practices in an Indian Maternal-Child Birth Cohort in Belagavi, Karnataka.
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