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Concept Tumor Cells, Cultured
Academic Article Retinoid signaling in immortalized and carcinoma-derived human uroepithelial cells.
Academic Article The mechanism of retinoic acid radiosensitization is independent of AP-1 repression in a cervical carcinoma cell line.
Academic Article Retinoids enhance cisplatin-based chemoradiation in cervical cancer cells in vitro.
Academic Article Biologically active heteroarotinoids exhibiting anticancer activity and decreased toxicity.
Academic Article Synthesis, structure-activity relationships, and RARgamma-ligand interactions of nitrogen heteroarotinoids.
Academic Article Heteroarotinoids inhibit head and neck cancer cell lines in vitro and in vivo through both RAR and RXR retinoic acid receptors.
Academic Article Complexity, retinoid-responsive gene networks, and bladder carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Effects of retinoids on cancerous phenotype and apoptosis in organotypic cultures of ovarian carcinoma.
Academic Article Heterocycle-containing retinoids. Discovery of a novel isoxazole arotinoid possessing potent apoptotic activity in multidrug and drug-induced apoptosis-resistant cells.
Academic Article The synthetic heteroarotinoid SHetA2 induces apoptosis in squamous carcinoma cells through a receptor-independent and mitochondria-dependent pathway.
Academic Article CAAT/enhancer binding protein homologous protein-dependent death receptor 5 induction is a major component of SHetA2-induced apoptosis in lung cancer cells.
Academic Article Cyclin D1 degradation is sufficient to induce G1 cell cycle arrest despite constitutive expression of cyclin E2 in ovarian cancer cells.
Academic Article Different binding specificities and transactivation of variant CRE's by CREB complexes.
Academic Article Differential retinoic acid radiosensitization of cervical carcinoma cell lines.
Academic Article Antitumor activity of SS(dsFv)PE38 and SS1(dsFv)PE38, recombinant antimesothelin immunotoxins against human gynecologic cancers grown in organotypic culture in vitro.
Academic Article Aberrant NRP-1 expression serves as predicator of metastatic endometrial and lung cancers.
Academic Article Immunohistochemical analysis of proliferation and differentiation in organotypic cultures of cervical tumor cell lines.
Academic Article Biological assay for activity and molecular mechanism of retinoids in cervical tumor cells.
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