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Concept Snail Family Transcription Factors
Concept Transcription Factors
Concept Microphthalmia-Associated Transcription Factor
Concept PAX2 Transcription Factor
Concept PAX7 Transcription Factor
Concept SOX Transcription Factors
Concept SOXE Transcription Factors
Concept Forkhead Transcription Factors
Academic Article Id expression in amphioxus and lamprey highlights the role of gene cooption during neural crest evolution.
Academic Article Lamprey snail highlights conserved and novel patterning roles in vertebrate embryos.
Academic Article SoxE gene duplication and development of the lamprey branchial skeleton: Insights into development and evolution of the neural crest.
Academic Article Evolution of Snail-mediated regulation of neural crest and placodes from an ancient role in bilaterian neurogenesis.
Academic Article Neural crest and placode roles in formation and patterning of cranial sensory ganglia in lamprey.
Academic Article Conservation of Pax gene expression in ectodermal placodes of the lamprey.
Academic Article Lamprey neural crest migration is Snail-dependent and occurs without a differential shift in cadherin expression.
Academic Article SoxE, Type II collagen, and evolution of the chondrogenic neural crest.
Academic Article Functional constraints on SoxE proteins in neural crest development: The importance of differential expression for evolution of protein activity.
Grant SoxE gene regulation of Type II collagen in the sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus
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