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Concept Allied Health Personnel
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Health Education
Concept Health Personnel
Concept Health Services Administration
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Women's Health
Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Health Communication
Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Mental Health
Concept Mental Health Services
Academic Article "I am not a robot!" Interpreters' views of their roles in health care settings.
Academic Article Provider-interpreter collaboration in bilingual health care: competitions of control over interpreter-mediated interactions.
Academic Article Dimensions of trust: the tensions and challenges in provider--interpreter trust.
Academic Article Not all are desired: providers' views on interpreters' emotional support for patients.
Academic Article Not just "getting by": factors influencing providers' choice of interpreters.
Academic Article Interpreters as co-diagnosticians: overlapping roles and services between providers and interpreters.
Academic Article Remembering the legacy of Dale E.. Brashers and his contributions to health communication.
Academic Article Medical interpreters as tools: dangers and challenges in the utilitarian approach to interpreters' roles and functions.
Academic Article Bilingual health communication: distinctive needs of providers from five specialties.
Academic Article Health as Submission and Social Responsibilities: Embodied Experiences of Javanese Women With Type II Diabetes.
Academic Article "It's Not Like You Need to Live 10 or 20 Years": Challenges to Patient-Centered Care in Gynecologic Oncologist-Patient Interactions.
Academic Article Surviving Violence in Everyday Life: A Communicative Approach to Homelessness.
Academic Article Reconceptulizing Language Discordance: Meanings and Experiences of Language Barriers in the U.S. and Taiwan.
Academic Article Rethinking Interpreter Functions in Mental Health Services.
Academic Article "Not Homeless Yet. I'm Kind of Couch Surfing": Finding Identities for People at a Homeless Shelter.
Academic Article Understanding medical interpreters: reconceptualizing bilingual health communication.
Academic Article The social meanings of traditional Chinese medicine: elderly Chinese immigrants' health practice in the United States.
Academic Article Voices of the Homeless: An Emic Approach to the Experiences of Health Disparities Faced by People Who Are Homeless.
Grant Providers' Views of the Roles of Medical Interpreters
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