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Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 11
Concept X Chromosome
Concept Chromosome Segregation
Concept Chromosome Pairing
Academic Article Esperanto for histones: CENP-A, not CenH3, is the centromeric histone H3 variant.
Academic Article Multiple determinants and consequences of cohesion fatigue in mammalian cells.
Academic Article CDK1-mediated phosphorylation at H2B serine 6 is required for mitotic chromosome segregation.
Academic Article DNA topoisomerase II alpha is the major chromosome protein recognized by the mitotic phosphoprotein antibody MPM-2.
Academic Article Inhibition of aurora B kinase blocks chromosome segregation, overrides the spindle checkpoint, and perturbs microtubule dynamics in mitosis.
Academic Article Rapid exchange of mammalian topoisomerase II alpha at kinetochores and chromosome arms in mitosis.
Academic Article The spindle checkpoint and chromosome segregation in meiosis.
Academic Article The Consequences of Chromosome Segregation Errors in Mitosis and Meiosis.
Academic Article Chromosome motion in mitosis.
Academic Article Tumor suppressor candidate TSSC5 is regulated by UbcH6 and a novel ubiquitin ligase RING105.
Academic Article Microtubule dynamics and chromosome motion visualized in living anaphase cells.
Academic Article Ska3 is required for spindle checkpoint silencing and the maintenance of chromosome cohesion in mitosis.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal regulation of the anaphase-promoting complex in mitosis.
Academic Article Cell cycle progression and chromosome segregation in mammalian cells cultured in the presence of the topoisomerase II inhibitors ICRF-187 [(+)-1,2-bis(3,5-dioxopiperazinyl-1-yl)propane; ADR-529] and ICRF-159 (Razoxane).
Academic Article The dephosphorylated form of the anaphase-promoting complex protein Cdc27/Apc3 concentrates on kinetochores and chromosome arms in mitosis.
Academic Article The highly conserved Ndc80 complex is required for kinetochore assembly, chromosome congression, and spindle checkpoint activity.
Academic Article Multiple mechanisms of chromosome movement in vertebrate cells mediated through the Ndc80 complex and dynein/dynactin.
Academic Article Haspin inhibitors reveal centromeric functions of Aurora B in chromosome segregation.
Academic Article GTSE1 regulates spindle microtubule dynamics to control Aurora B kinase and Kif4A chromokinesin on chromosome arms.
Academic Article Kinetochore chemistry is sensitive to tension and may link mitotic forces to a cell cycle checkpoint.
Grant Chromosome Movement in Prometaphase
Grant The role of cohesion fatigue in chromosome instability
Grant Understanding Cell Division
Grant The Spindle Checkpoint as a Target for Cancer
Academic Article Mps1 promotes poleward chromosome movements in meiotic prometaphase.
Academic Article More than two populations of microtubules comprise the dynamic mitotic spindle.
Academic Article Live Fluorescence Imaging of Chromosome Segregation in Cultured Cells.
Academic Article Polyploid yeast are dependent on elevated levels of Mps1 for successful chromosome segregation.
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