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Concept Vitamin A
Concept Vitamin A Deficiency
Academic Article Retinyl esters are the substrate for isomerohydrolase.
Academic Article RPE65 gene delivery restores isomerohydrolase activity and prevents early cone loss in Rpe65-/- mice.
Academic Article Comparison of ocular pathologies in vitamin A-deficient mice and RPE65 gene knockout mice.
Academic Article Collagen XVIII/endostatin is essential for vision and retinal pigment epithelial function.
Academic Article Light induces programmed cell death by activating multiple independent proteases in a cone photoreceptor cell line.
Academic Article Purified RPE65 shows isomerohydrolase activity after reassociation with a phospholipid membrane.
Academic Article RPE65 is an iron(II)-dependent isomerohydrolase in the retinoid visual cycle.
Academic Article An alternative isomerohydrolase in the retinal Müller cells of a cone-dominant species.
Academic Article Identification of the key residues determining the product specificity of isomerohydrolase.
Academic Article Retinoid processing in cone and Müller cell lines.
Academic Article Binding to lipid membrane induces conformational changes in RPE65: implications for its isomerohydrolase activity.
Academic Article RDH10 is the primary enzyme responsible for the first step of embryonic Vitamin A metabolism and retinoic acid synthesis.
Academic Article Retinol-binding protein 4 induces inflammation in human endothelial cells by an NADPH oxidase- and nuclear factor kappa B-dependent and retinol-independent mechanism.
Academic Article A novel RPE65 inhibitor CU239 suppresses visual cycle and prevents retinal degeneration.
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