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Concept Crystallography, X-Ray
Academic Article Synthesis, characterization, solid-state molecular structures, and deprotonation reactions of cationic alcohol complexes of osmium nitrosyl porphyrins.
Academic Article Experimental and density functional theoretical investigations of linkage isomerism in six-coordinate FeNO(6) iron porphyrins with axial nitrosyl and nitro ligands.
Academic Article Fiber-optic infrared spectroelectrochemical studies of six-coordinate manganese nitrosyl porphyrins in nonaqueous media.
Academic Article The distal pocket histidine residue in horse heart myoglobin directs the O-binding mode of nitrite to the heme iron.
Academic Article Synthesis, molecular structure, and spectroelectrochemistry of a nitrosyl iron porphyrin containing an unsymmetrical xanthene-linked porphyrin core.
Academic Article Crystal structures of two nitroreductases from hypervirulent Clostridium difficile and functionally related interactions with the antibiotic metronidazole.
Academic Article Unexpected nitrosyl-group bending in six-coordinate [M(NO)](6) sigma-bonded aryl(iron) and -(ruthenium) porphyrins.
Academic Article Nitrones are suitable ligands for heme models: X-ray crystal structure of the first metalloporphyrin nitrone complex.
Academic Article Synchrotron X-ray-induced photoreduction of ferric myoglobin nitrite crystals gives the ferrous derivative with retention of the O-bonded nitrite ligand.
Academic Article Structure of human R-state aquomethemoglobin at 2.0 Å resolution.
Academic Article Unveiling the three-dimensional structure of the green pigment of nitrite-cured meat.
Academic Article Degradation of human hemoglobin by organic C-nitroso compounds.
Academic Article Crystal structure and DNA binding activity of a PadR family transcription regulator from hypervirulent Clostridium difficile R20291.
Academic Article A structure-guided approach to ameliorate sickle cell disease.
Academic Article Interactions of acetamide and acrylamide with heme models: Synthesis, infrared spectra, and solid state molecular structures of five- and six-coordinate ferric porphyrin derivatives.
Academic Article The nitrosoamphetamine metabolite is accommodated in the active site of human hemoglobin: Spectroscopy and crystal structure.
Academic Article The solid-state molecular structure of the S-nitroso derivative of L-cysteine ethyl ester hydrochloride.
Academic Article Crystal structures of the nitrite and nitric oxide complexes of horse heart myoglobin.
Academic Article Crystal structures of manganese- and cobalt-substituted myoglobin in complex with NO and nitrite reveal unusual ligand conformations.
Academic Article A stable hyponitrite-bridged iron porphyrin complex.
Academic Article Stable ruthenium nitrosyl porphyrins with axial O-bonded ligands; preparation and redox behavior.
Academic Article Six-coordinate ferric porphyrins containing bidentate N-t-butyl-N-nitrosohydroxylaminato ligands: structure, magnetism, IR spectroelectrochemisty, and reactivity.
Academic Article Nitrosyl Myoglobins and Their Nitrite Precursors: Crystal Structural and Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Mechanics Theoretical Investigations of Preferred Fe -NO Ligand Orientations in Myoglobin Distal Pockets.
Academic Article Crystal structures of ferrous horse heart myoglobin complexed with nitric oxide and nitrosoethane.
Academic Article The nitrite anion binds to human hemoglobin via the uncommon O-nitrito mode.
Academic Article Nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy applied to [Fe(OEP)(NO)]: the vibrational assignments of five-coordinate ferrous heme-nitrosyls and implications for electronic structure.
Academic Article Five- and six-coordinate adducts of nitrosamines with ferric porphyrins: structural models for the Type II interactions of nitrosamines with ferric cytochrome P450.
Academic Article Crystallographic trapping of heme loss intermediates during the nitrite-induced degradation of human hemoglobin.
Academic Article Preparation of the elusive [(por)Fe(NO)(O-ligand)] complex by diffusion of nitric oxide into a crystal of the precursor.
Academic Article Crystallographic characterization of the nitric oxide derivative of R-state human hemoglobin.
Academic Article Nitrosoamphetamine binding to myoglobin and hemoglobin: Crystal structure of the H64A myoglobin-nitrosoamphetamine adduct.
Academic Article Insight into the preferential N-binding versus O-binding of nitrosoarenes to ferrous and ferric heme centers.
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