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Academic Article Synthesis and solid-state molecular structures of nitrosoalkane complexes of iron porphyrins containing methanol, pyridine, and 1-methylimidazole ligands.
Academic Article Experimental and density functional theoretical investigations of linkage isomerism in six-coordinate FeNO(6) iron porphyrins with axial nitrosyl and nitro ligands.
Academic Article The distal pocket histidine residue in horse heart myoglobin directs the O-binding mode of nitrite to the heme iron.
Academic Article Dinitro-sylbis[tris-(4-methyl-phen-yl)phosphane]iron.
Academic Article Dinitro-sylbis[tris-(4-fluoro-phen-yl)phosphane]iron chloro-form monosolvate.
Academic Article Dinitro-sylbis[tris-(4-chloro-phen-yl)phosphane]iron.
Academic Article [5,10,15,20-Tetra-kis(4-meth-oxy-phen-yl)porphyrinato-?N,N',N'',N'''](trifluoro-methane-sulfonato-?O)-iron(III).
Academic Article Nitrosylation in a crystal: remarkable movements of iron porphyrins upon binding of nitric oxide.
Academic Article Synthesis, molecular structure, and spectroelectrochemistry of a nitrosyl iron porphyrin containing an unsymmetrical xanthene-linked porphyrin core.
Academic Article Nitric oxide coupling to generate N2O promoted by a single-heme system as examined by density functional theory.
Academic Article Organometallic myoglobins: Formation of Fe-carbon bonds and distal pocket effects on aryl ligand conformations.
Academic Article Not Limited to Iron: A Cobalt Heme-NO Model Facilitates N-N Coupling with External NO in the Presence of a Lewis Acid to Generate N2 O.
Academic Article Unexpected nitrosyl-group bending in six-coordinate [M(NO)](6) sigma-bonded aryl(iron) and -(ruthenium) porphyrins.
Academic Article Synchrotron X-ray-induced photoreduction of ferric myoglobin nitrite crystals gives the ferrous derivative with retention of the O-bonded nitrite ligand.
Academic Article (2,3,7,8,12,13,17,18-Octa-ethyl-por-phin-ato)(trifluoro-methane-sulfonato)iron(III).
Academic Article (Ethanolato)[2,3,7,8,12,13,17,18-octa-ethylporphyrinato(2-)]iron(III).
Academic Article Nitric oxide coupling mediated by iron porphyrins: the N-N bond formation step is facilitated by electrons and a proton.
Academic Article (2,3,5,6-Tetra-fluoro-phenolato)[5,10,15,20-tetra-kis-(4-meth-oxy-phen-yl)porphyrinato]iron(III) cyclo-hexane monosolvate.
Academic Article (2,3,5,6-Tetra-fluoro-phenolato-?O)(5,10,15,20-tetra-phenyl-porphyrinato)iron(III).
Academic Article Characterization of the bridged hyponitrite complex {[Fe(OEP)](2)(ยต-N(2)O(2))}: reactivity of hyponitrite complexes and biological relevance.
Academic Article Crystal structure of chlorido-{5,10,15,20-tetra-kis-[2-(2,2-di-methyl-propanamido)-phen-yl]porphyrinato-?(4) N}iron(III).
Academic Article Interactions of acetamide and acrylamide with heme models: Synthesis, infrared spectra, and solid state molecular structures of five- and six-coordinate ferric porphyrin derivatives.
Academic Article The first structurally characterized nitrosyl heme thiolate model complex.
Academic Article A stable hyponitrite-bridged iron porphyrin complex.
Academic Article Linkage isomerization in heme-NOx compounds: understanding NO, nitrite, and hyponitrite interactions with iron porphyrins.
Academic Article A bridged di-iron porphyrin hyponitrite complex as a model for biological N2O production from hyponitrite.
Academic Article Synthesis, Characterization, and Molecular Structures of Diethylnitrosamine Metalloporphyrin Complexes of Iron, Ruthenium, and Osmium.
Academic Article Single- and double-linkage isomerism in a six-coordinate iron porphyrin containing nitrosyl and nitro ligands.
Academic Article Nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy applied to [Fe(OEP)(NO)]: the vibrational assignments of five-coordinate ferrous heme-nitrosyls and implications for electronic structure.
Academic Article (1-Methyl-1H-imidazole-?N (3))(1-methyl-2-nitroso-benzene-?N)(5,10,15,20-tetra-phenyl-porphyrinato-?(4) N)iron(II) di-chloro-methane monosolvate.
Academic Article Crystal structure of bis-(1-methyl-1H-imidazole-?N (3))(5,10,15,20-tetra-phenyl-porphyrinato-?(4) N)iron(II)-1-methyl-1H-imidazole (1/2).
Grant Reactions of N-Nitroso Compounds with Heme
Grant Nitrogen Oxides and Heme
Academic Article Interactions of N-hydroxyamphetamine with an iron porphyrin: A unique intramolecular H-bond probed by DFT calculations.
Academic Article Insights into Nitrosoalkane Binding to Myoglobin Provided by Crystallography of Wild-Type and Distal Pocket Mutant Derivatives.
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