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Concept Phosphorylation
Academic Article Protein interactions of Src homology 2 (SH2) domain-containing inositol phosphatase (SHIP): association with Shc displaces SHIP from FcgammaRIIb in B cells.
Academic Article The SH2-containing 5'-inositol phosphatase (SHIP) is tyrosine phosphorylated after Fc gamma receptor clustering in monocytes.
Academic Article Analysis of tyrosine phosphorylation-dependent interactions between stimulatory effector proteins and the B cell co-receptor CD22.
Academic Article Vav and Rac activation in B cell antigen receptor endocytosis involves Vav recruitment to the adapter protein LAB.
Academic Article TREM2- and DAP12-dependent activation of PI3K requires DAP10 and is inhibited by SHIP1.
Academic Article Tyrosine phosphorylation is required for mast cell activation by Fc epsilon RI cross-linking.
Academic Article Predominant expression and activation-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of phospholipase C-gamma 2 in B lymphocytes.
Academic Article Rapid activation of the T-cell tyrosine protein kinase pp56lck by the CD45 phosphotyrosine phosphatase.
Academic Article Clustering of the platelet Fc gamma receptor induces noncovalent association with the tyrosine kinase p72syk.
Academic Article The role of p56lck in CD4-mediated suppression of CD3-induced early signaling events in T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Phosphoinositide 3-kinase and p72syk noncovalently associate with the low affinity Fc gamma receptor on human platelets through an immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif. Reconstitution with synthetic phosphopeptides.
Academic Article Negative signaling via FcgammaRIIB1 in B cells blocks phospholipase Cgamma2 tyrosine phosphorylation but not Syk or Lyn activation.
Academic Article Activation-induced bi-dentate interaction of SHIP and Shc in B lymphocytes.
Academic Article Positive and negative signaling in B lymphocytes.
Academic Article Adenovirus type 7 induces interleukin-8 production via activation of extracellular regulated kinase 1/2.
Academic Article Molecular events mediating T cell activation.
Academic Article T lymphocyte activation: a biological model of signal transduction.
Academic Article Negative signaling in B lymphocytes induces tyrosine phosphorylation of the 145-kDa inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase, SHIP.
Academic Article Activation of the Ras signaling pathway by the CD40 receptor.
Academic Article Activation of Src-family tyrosine kinases during Fas-induced apoptosis.
Academic Article Inhibitory signaling by B cell Fc gamma RIIb.
Academic Article Clustered CD20 induced apoptosis: src-family kinase, the proximal regulator of tyrosine phosphorylation, calcium influx, and caspase 3-dependent apoptosis.
Academic Article Enzymatic activity of the Src homology 2 domain-containing inositol phosphatase is regulated by a plasma membrane location.
Academic Article The adapter protein LAT enhances fcgamma receptor-mediated signal transduction in myeloid cells.
Academic Article Signal transduction by human-restricted Fc gamma RIIa involves three distinct cytoplasmic kinase families leading to phagocytosis.
Academic Article The Src homology 2 domain-containing inositol 5-phosphatase negatively regulates Fcgamma receptor-mediated phagocytosis through immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif-bearing phagocytic receptors.
Academic Article Adenovirus type 7 induces interleukin-8 in a lung slice model and requires activation of Erk.
Academic Article Loss of SHIP and CIS recruitment to the granulocyte colony-stimulating factor receptor contribute to hyperproliferative responses in severe congenital neutropenia/acute myelogenous leukemia.
Academic Article T cell antigen receptor-mediated activation of phospholipase C requires tyrosine phosphorylation.
Academic Article Tyrosine phosphorylation and activation of Vav GTP/GDP exchange activity in antigen receptor-triggered B cells.
Academic Article C-reactive protein induces signaling through Fc gamma RIIa on HL-60 granulocytes.
Academic Article Regulation of signal transduction by the Fc gamma receptor family members and their involvement in autoimmunity.
Academic Article Tyrosine kinase-stimulated guanine nucleotide exchange activity of Vav in T cell activation.
Academic Article Molecular analysis of Ras activation by tyrosine phosphorylated Vav.
Academic Article Recruitment and phosphorylation of SH2-containing inositol phosphatase and Shc to the B-cell Fc gamma immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibition motif peptide motif.
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